The Seven Years War

The Seven Years war, from 1756-1763, was a conflict that affected many countries including North America. In this essay I will be summarizing the history of the Seven Years War.

The Battle Jumonville Glen 

The Battle of Jumonville Glen( fought on May 28th,1754, in Pennsylvania ), was one of the many skirmishes that set off the Seven Years War. This battle began when George Washington(this was his very first battle), was assigned to protect a fort that was under construction, that the English were building, from hostile French Canadian and Native forces in the area.

A small part of the French or Canadian army, had chased off the construction crew, that were building the fort, the leader of the French forces sent a message warning the English, that the construction was on French territory. But, Washington never received this message 

Washington on the other hand set up an ambush against the French army. The English ambushed the French, under the leadership of Washington. The battle lasted only about fifteen minutes; ten French soldiers were killed and twenty one were captured. Even though the battle was short, the damage was still done to France and England’s relationship.

The Start of the War

Even though the Battle of Jumonville Glen, began the Seven Years War, the actual war was not declared until two years after the skirmish. In 1756, England and France declared war against each other, officially starting the Seven Years War. This war affected not only Europe and North America, but also Central America, India, West Africa, and even the Philippines.

England and France both had allies from different countries. England’s allies were Prussia and Hanover, and France’s allies were Austria, Sweden, Spain, Russia, and the very small country of Saxony. 

The War In North America

General Braddock of the English arrived in North America in May, 1755, and set out for the Ohio country, to defeat the French. Braddock wanted to conquer the French fort of Duquesne, which was located on the river bank of the Monongahela River. The pace of Braddock’s army was slow through the woods, and Braddock grew impatient, so he sent out one thousand three-hundred men, ahead of the rest of the army.

The French did not have time to ambush the English because of this, but they still would not give up the fort without a good fight. The British on the other hand, were completely disorganized(to the point that they were shooting at each other), and inexperienced, when it came to fighting in a forest. Braddock was badly wounded during the battle, and died a few days later. About eight hundred and seventy eight English soldiers were killed or wounded from this battle.

The English attacked the French a few more times but still remained unsuccessful. France remained dominant for three more years. England finally began getting more successful in 1759, which led them to capturing all of France’s colonies in North America in 1760, which ended further battles and conflict in North America.

The War in Europe and the Rest of the World

Even though the War ended in 1760 in North America, the War continued in the rest of the world for three more years. War outside of North America, was in Europe and in the other European colonies around the world.

The End and Outcome

The War officially ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris. The countries of Europe had to give up the captured European territory they gained during the war, back to the countries that those territories originally belonged to, so nothing was really gained when it came to European territory. But the territory outside of Europe was a gain, France gave up “New France” or Quebec Canada and parts of the now United States of America to England, and now the current state of Louisiana to Spain. England gained much North American territory, thanks to the war. 


The Seven Years War affected much of the world, and changed the ownership of “New France” or Quebec. This is my essay on the Seven Years War.

Happy Valentines!!

Well, Happy Valentines to all my followers!

I’m not doing anything for this holiday since.

1: I am single.

2: what’s the point of celebrating a holiday that’s meant for couples.

3: And I have school today.

But even with all these good reasons not to celebrate this holiday I still woke up really exited and motivated! Well, maybe that’s the special thing about holidays.

But still, I wish ya’ll the best Valentine’s day! XD

My Business Plan 2

In this essay I will be describing what type of business firm I will be using for my bracelet business.

The Forms of Business Firms

There are many different forms of business firms. Determining what type of business firm you should have is by the size of your business, how many employees will your business have(so far for my business will not have any employees), and finally I would look into the different business firm forms, such as, LLC, Partnership, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship and etc. These things will help you determine what business firm you should use.

The Type of Business Firm I Chose

The form of business firm I chose was Sole Proprietorship. The reasons why I chose this type of firm over the other ones is because it has single ownership(I will be the only owner of my business), direct control over the firm, unlimited liability, and generally a small size firm.

This type of firm would work well with my type of business since, one: my business will be a small business, two: I am the only employee and owner of the business, and three: this firm is  generally a small firm, which would work well for me since my business will be small.


This my essay on what business firm I will choose for my business.

My Favorite Genres of Music

Almost everyone has some type of Genre that they like or prefer when it comes to music, this could either be Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop, etc.

 In this essay I will be describing my favorite genres of music, R&B, Classical, and EDM; and my least favorite genres of music, Rap, Rock, and Heavy Metal.


R&B or Rhythm and Blues, is a pretty popular genre, it combines pop, soul, dunk, hip hop, and electronic music. There are quite a few sub genres in R&B, the sub genre I like specifically is contemporary R&B.

The reason why I like this genre is because a lot of the songs in this genre combine electrical music and lyrical singing together. The thing I dislike about this genre though is the fact that most of the popular songs in this genre are overplayed and popularized, which makes them get easily stuck in your head; this is why I never over play a single R&B song.


Classical music is a genre of music that is rooted in Western culture, it’s quite beautiful and can be pretty relaxing. Usually classical music is played by an Orchestra, sometimes an Opera singer, sings, but usually classical music is purely instrumental.

The reason why I like this genre is because it’s just beautiful, the instruments that are playing in a Classical piece are creating this peaceful and beautiful melody. If I am stressed I listen to Classical music.

 I do not dislike anything about this genre, except maybe when a Classical piece gets me relaxed to the point I fall asleep(it’s happened), that’s when Classical music gets annoying, to me.


EDM or electrical dance music, is a musical genre that uses electrical devices instead of instruments to play the music; EDM music is usually used as the back sound of a pop song, but there are still EDM songs that do not have a singer, singing.

I used to hate EDM, but over the years I began liking it, the reason why I like it now is because I like a good beat, something that’s catchy but not too catchy. EDM music is great if you have a party, it gets everyone at the party excited, and in the party mood. 

But I do still have things I dislike about the genre, the things I dislike about EDM are, EDM songs can sound the same, I have been noticing that newer EDM songs sound exactly or very similar in sound, which is annoying since songs should not sound exactly the same.

My Least Favorite Genres of Music

Most people have a favorite musical genre(s), but they also most likely dislike a few musical genres too. Like most people I have a few musical genres that I hate, cannot stand, or ever listen to unless forced to.

My least favorite genres of music are; Rap, Rock, and Heavy Metal ,all three of which I despise with a passion and avoid listening to as much as possible.

Rap: Rap music is a type of music that does not use lyrical lyrics, instead Rap uses rhyme or rhythmic speech; when a rapper raps it sounds a little like chanting. The whole concept of Rap is not bad at all, but the lyrics usually rapped, in a rap song most likely describe bad behaviour such as drug abuse and gang life.

 Rap is better than lyrical singing to spread messages because rapping is more clear and understandable than singing. And since a lot of Rap songs have bad themes and are easy to understand they can influence teens into thinking bad behaviour is “alright,” not all Rap music uses bad themes though.

The reason why I dislike Rap music is the fact that I don’t like the sound of Rapping; I also think most Rap songs are bad and “inappropriate.” Rap music has been getting worse and worse over the years thanks to this new thing called “Mumble Rap,” which is probably the worst form of Rap music ever created.

Rock: Rock is a very broad term of music, there are many different types of Rock music. Rock music uses instruments such as drums, electric guitars, and bass guitars, but different instruments can be used. Lyrical singing is common in Rock songs, but sometimes a Rock song has no singing at all. 

Rock music has been a genre of music I have disliked for almost my entire life. I can’t stand the way Rock singers sing, the way the instruments sound, and the loud noises that Rock music can cause. I personally hate almost all types of Rock, especially Heavy Metal and Punk Rock, except maybe some songs from Elvis or the Beatles.

Heavy Metal: Heavy Metal is a form of Rock music, it uses hard and noisy guitar sounds, and intense vocals. Heavy Metal can also be incredibly loud, even to the point of busting your ear drums. 

The reason why I had to include Heavy Metal in this list of musical genres even though I have included Rock music is because my hatred for this genre should be made into a separate category itself.

There are many reasons why I dislike Heavy Metal so much, but here are a few reasons why. The vocals in Heavy Metal do not sound good, the vocals sound like screaming or screeching, the way the instruments sound in Heavy Metal are too intense, and finally, Heavy Metal sounds like full on sound pollution, to me. As you can probably tell I hate Heavy Metal a lot. This opinion may change in the future, but I doubt it.


I started listening to Classical when I was very young, thanks to my parents; I grew up with it. The other genres I began listening to when I was twelve when I began discovering what music I liked.

My favorite genre out of these three, is Classical, no matter what day I am never tired of Classical music, even the same Classical piece sounds different each time I listen to it.

 My least favorite musical genre out of my favorites, probably is EDM, just because some of the new songs don’t sound very good.

My musical taste may change when I get older, but for now these three musical genres are my favorite, and these three musical genres are my least favorite.

Mystery Blog Award!!

Thank you Nick for nominating me!


1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.2. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. (This award was created by Okoto Enigmas.)4. Answer the 5 questions you were asked.5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.6. You have to nominate 10-20 people.7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.9. Share a link to your best post(s).


Have you ever caught a fish? Yes! I have caught fish many times,

Have you ever piloted a RC plane? Nope.

What is what is your favorite shake? Probably vanilla milk shakes.

Have you ever gone  paint balling? No but I want to.

And have you ever got lost in a maze? Yes, there is a huge sunflower maze in my area.

3 Facts about me

I love seafood.

I have wavy/curly long hair.

My eyes are hazel.

I don’t know if I should nominate someone since a lot of people have been nominated for this award, but I will nominate one special blog that I believe that has never been nominated for this award.

The blog I nominate

What was the hardest thing you have ever baked?

Cookies or brownies?

Homemade bread or store bough bread?

What was the worst baking or cooking fail that you have ever caused?

And finally, cooking or baking?

Since I have posted links to my favorite posts before I won’t do it this time.

What Would It Take For Dr. North to Persuade Me To Use Spreeder For Ten Minutes a Day

Spreeder is an online app that trains you to read more quickly and efficiently. I have never used this app so I do not know exactly how it works, but I am pretty sure that you copy and paste a passage of a book on the app, and the app goes through with you one word at a time, eventually making you a faster and faster reader.

I am already a relatively fast reader, I have finished three hundred or more paged books in one hour or less, many times, so it would take a lot to convince me to use Spreeder. 

The Reasons Why I Do Not Want To Use This App

One of the reasons why I don’t want to use Spreeder is because I honestly do not want to spend my time using an app to improve my speed reading abilities. Another reason is that I have no problem going through reading assignments usually, I always get all my reading assignments done by the end of the day, so I really think I do not have a need for it.

What Would It Take To Persuade Me

The only thing that Gary North could persuade me with is Spreeder’s time saving benefits. Say if I had a pile of reading assignments to get done that requires careful reading, Spreeder would help me go through the task quickly and effectively. That would probably persuade me. 


Spreeder would be highly beneficial for anyone who needs improvement when it comes to speed reading. It’s not that expensive, under two hundred dollars USD, which is pretty affordable, unlike some of the other Speed reading programs, which can cost much more.

In this essay I wrote about what it would take for Dr. North to persuade me to use Spreeder for ten minutes a day.

My Business Plan For my Bracelet Business

My business plan for my bracelet business comes in four steps, one: getting the materials, two: start making the bracelets, and three: advertising and selling the bracelets, which is the most important.

Step 1# Finding Materials

Finding the materials used for making bracelets is not very difficult, I will buy most of the materials from online stores such as amazon.

If I do find a good deal for crystal beads and clear string at a local store in my area, then I will buy from that store.

Step 2# Making The Bracelets

Making the bracelets will not be hard, it is beading after all and I have done this many times. If I do have trouble though, I will just go on youtube and watch a few bracelets making tutorials, this most likely will not happen.

At first I will make about twenty to twenty five bracelets to see how they sell, and if they sell well I will make more, I don’t want to make too many bracelets without selling most of them.

Step 3# Advertising and Selling 

The way I will advertise my product is by posting ads on facebook, instagram, and at the local community center in my area. My ad will include where I will sell my bracelets(which is at the local farmers market), or how to get a private order(this part will include my number and email), and a picture of my product.

Like I said, I will sell most of the bracelets at a local farmers market at first, but when my bracelets get more known I will start accepting orders from people. Hopefully my business will grow enough so I can start selling online.


This is an overview of my business plan.

History of Europe

In this essay I will be giving an overview of the History of Europe from 500-1750 AD.

500-1000 AD

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe began dividing itself into separate city-states this divided the country into many different regions. But Europe was still very disorganized and undeveloped at this time.

By 1000 AD, Europe has started to get out of a period known as the “Dark Ages(caused by the collapse of Rome). There were some stable Kings, but the situation of Europe was still far from stable. The strongest nations in Europe at this time were England, France, and the Holy Roman Empire.

1200-1400 AD

1200 AD, the Muslims in Iberia have been kicked out, but still remain as an enemy to the Spaniards. All the land in Europe has now been claimed, which causes the European nations to attack each other. Most of the tension politically is caused by the disagreement of Church and State.

A lot happened in 1400 AD, Europe faced the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague; the last remnants of the great Roman Empire,Constantinople; falls after getting captured by the Ottoman Empire. In late 1400 AD, Columbus discovered North America, which brought on a new era, Colonization.

1750 AD

Sweden has now gained much when it comes to territory, now governing most of Scandinavia. The Ottomon Empire is held back from Eastern Europe, thanks to Austria, Poland, and Russia. England, France, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands have gained vast overseas colonies, which has increased the wealth of Europe.


A lot more than just this has happened in Europe during this time period, this is just a basic overview on how Europe has changed during these time periods.

A Bad Day And How I Handled It

In this essay I will be describing a bad day that I had about five months ago.

The Bad Day

The day started just badly, I woke up and accidently bumped into my sister, Nancy, when I was walking down the hall. Both of us were not in the best of moods, and she snapped at me(verbally), I of course defended myself, and then it took off. After our argument we didn’t speak to each other all morning, which made everything awkward and tense. To make matters worse when I was clearing the dishwasher I dropped a plate, and it broke, this angered my sister even more, and she snapped at me again about something to do with me being careless, which left me angry and hurt.

Later in the day my sister and I made up, and got along just fine, but another disaster struck. I  lost an earring. It was a stressful thirty minutes of searching all over my house(losing something is not a great feeling at all). Thankfully I found my earring, but the damage was still done to my mood, which affected my day. For the rest of the day I just felt super down and moody.

How I Handled It

Even though I felt awful about the whole situation, I still tried to handle it. I took plenty of deep breaths, especially when I was about to blow my fuse, I even made myself a mug of calming Lemon balm tea to ease my stress when things got stressful when I lost my earring. Even though I seemed to be not calm I tried my best to be, it was really difficult though; and at the end of the day I spoke to my Mom about it, talking to somebody about it really helped, and made me feel a lot better.


I learned a very important lesson from that day; I learned that even a bad situation is not the end of the world, and that there is most likely a solution to fix the situation or at least make it better, don’t give up.

My Homeschool

I am homeschooled. I have been homeschooled since kindergarten. In this essay I will be describing my homeschool life, how it looks, works, and why I like it the way it is.

Most of my schoolwork, I do on my computer, this includes essays and projects. The computer I use is a Lenovo Chromebook; and so far it works excellently. I usually wake up at seven thirty in the morning, when I wake up I drink a glass of water and start school. I do Math first, I usually finish math in an hour if I get the concept but if the concept is hard it may take me almost two hours to get finished. Secondly I do Science, it usually takes me forty five minutes to finish, but lately I have been watching lectures that have been up to one hour and thirty minutes long, right after Science I do History, the History lesson is often short in length, so I may finish history in fifteen minutes or less. English for me often has a reading and writing assignment after the lesson, usually it takes me an hour and thirty minutes to finish English. And finally Personal Finance and Business, both of these courses have reading assignments before or after the lecture, so combined it takes me about two hours to finish both lessons.

The reason why I like the way my homeschool works is because the lessons or lectures are not too long or stressful, also I can do each lesson at my own pace. Some days I may finish an hour to two hours early, if the lessons are short, which leaves me time to spend time with friends or ski, so really the length of my school is unpredictable, which can be great if I finish early, the opposite is a little devastating though. Overall I enjoy being homeschooled, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be.