Chapter 5

“Good Morning, Henry.” I said, as I passed my brother, in the dining room, with a big smile. “Good morning. You seem joyful today. Why so?” he asked curiously as he sipped, his second cup of coffee, that morning. He was still in his night clothes, robe, and slippers even though it was late morning. … More Chapter 5

Happy Canada Day!!!

Today is a pretty special day for Canadians. It’s Canada Day!!! Even though 2020 has been a pretty rough year so far, with all that has been happening in the world, I feel grateful for living in Canada, especially today. So I wish you all an awesome day and July! Happy Canada Day, everyone!!!

Chapter 4

It had been nearly a whole week since Henry’s arrival. Life had been peaceful and pleasant, my father was less harsh on Henry, which was a thank goodness, and our mother was actually acknowledging and speaking to Henry, which was a footstep closer to a normal life though she still ignored me. I began going … More Chapter 4

Chapter 3

“We are here!” announced Bertha, as the streetcar came to a stop. The three of us stepped off the car, and began heading towards our home. It was very cold and even more miserable out, so we gladly hurried home. Thanks to our brisk pace we arrived home in a few minutes. I quietly knocked … More Chapter 3

Chapter 2

“Lizzie! Is everything ready for Henry’s arrival?” I asked. Today was the day, the day of Henry’s return, so all the last minute preparations had to be completed in a matter of a few hours. “Yes, Miss. Shirley. Everything is finished and done, to perfection.” replied Lizzie(the family housekeeper), with a smile. “Thank goodness, and … More Chapter 2

World War 1

World War 1(1914-1918) was probably one of the most brutal and devastating wars in history, when it came to the damage of the countries that were involved, and the number of casualties. Like a lot of wars, this one was portrayed to be for a good cause, but like most wars, the number of people … More World War 1

Chapter 1

A soft stream of light entered my room, I blinked, and looked up at my white yellowing ceiling. It seemed awfully quiet, and lonesome. A home of ghosts. Stop right there! I thought with deep annoyance in myself, and sat up in bed. Today was going to be different, Henry was coming tomorrow, my dear … More Chapter 1

The Top Five Biggest Mistakes of Young Married Couples

In this week’s personal finance essay I will be writing about five mistakes that young married couples make. Also by no means am I an expert on this, I am not married or getting married anytime soon, so this essay is based on what I have noticed about young married couples. Mistake 1# The first … More The Top Five Biggest Mistakes of Young Married Couples