Today I decided to choose a topic for this chat. Topic: what was the hardest challenge you went through this year? Chat away! -Dreamer

What is My Most Important Skill That I Can Use in Starting My Business This Year

Over the months that I have been taking the RPC business course, I have been realizing what skills I have and what weaknesses I have, which are important to realize when starting a business. My most important skill that I can use when starting my business is my writing ability. I believe that my writing … More What is My Most Important Skill That I Can Use in Starting My Business This Year

Chapter 15

“Where here.” said Bertha softly, as we all stared at the cemetery. “Yes we are.” said Henry, taking a deep breath. I nodded. With all that had happened, especially the events yesterday, it was finally time to pay respects to Ralph’s grave, to finally move on. I took Henry’s and Bertha’s hands and led them … More Chapter 15

Chapter 14

May 1st 1917 “We are sorry for your loss, Shirley.” said some of my friends from school. “Thank you.” I replied, something I had been saying all day, as I watched them walk down the church steps. Today had been Ralph’s funeral, more like a memorial, he had died on a European battlefield, afterall. I … More Chapter 14

Chapter 13

“Well we are back.” sighed, Henry as we stepped off the train, in Grand Central. I nodded, as Henry and I began the awkward pace of walking through the crowds. The last few days at my grandparent’s were quiet and peaceful and now I was getting a jolt back into the reality of New York. … More Chapter 13

200 Follower!

Yesterday while I checked my blog stats I noticed that I had just reached 200 blog followers! I feel very grateful towards all my followers for staying with me especially to my readers! Thank you all for staying with me, it truly means alot! Thanks again! -Dreamer