Author’s World Views From the Books The Lion of the North and Little Men

Most books usually give an insight into the authors worldviews or beliefs, through their characters, and their characters actions and beliefs.

The Lion of the North, by G.A Henty is about the thirty years war, which is a war between the Catholics and Protestants. The main character in this book, Malcolm is on the side of the Protestants. This gives a small insight of the fact that G.A Henty himself was a Protestant and Christan, this means that he believes that God is real, that God has created the universe. This belief is known as Theism, so, this means that one of Henty’s world views is Theism. 

This book shows a little bit of the worldview Rationalism. The reason why I think this is because the characters in the book think reasonably and logically, and don’t use emotion to lead their actions. Rationalism is the belief that opinions and actions should be based on logic, reason, and knowledge, instead of religious or emotional belief. So I think G.A Henty is also somewhat of a Rational thinker.

In Conclusion I think that G.A Henty’s worldviews are Theism and Rationalism.

Little Men, by Lousia May Alcott, is the second book of the Little Women series, and is about Jo (who is one of the sisters in Little Women), and her husband, together they are running a special school, the children at this school are taught to be kind, accepting, and treat each other as equals, Jo and her husband believe that everyone has some good in them or that everyone is born naturally good. This belief is known as Transcendentalism. Alcott was most likely a Transcendentalism.

Another worldview that I saw in this book was Theism, the children in the story prayed each night to God and went to church, they were also taught not to lie or steal since it is a sin and wrong.

In Conclusion, I believe that Lousia May Alcott’s worldviews are Transcendentalism and Theism.


  1. A little to long the title. XD


  2. Lillyanalee says:

    Awesome essay Kim!



  3. Good essay! I read Little Men a few years ago and enjoyed it. Have you read the sequel? It is called Jo’s Boys, and that one was good, too.

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