How Does Harry Browne’s Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?

The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne, is a book on how to sell things which is of course very obvious. But the way Browne approaches a sale makes the book unique. His ideas of selling is based on a principle known as The Principle of Service.

What is the Principle of Service? 

The Principle Service of course is a way to sell people, but instead of putting the product first, you instead put the customer first, this enables you to find what the customer exactly needs or wants and sell it to them. Most salesmen are way to pushy, they always try to sell things that the customer does not need or want, instead you should listen to the customer and help them find what they need.


An example of someone that uses this principle, is my boss (I work at a Health store); she does not push the customer to buy some new fancy product instead she asks them what they need, say if the customer has a cough, first she will let them talk about their symptoms and how they are feeling etc, then she will guide them through some products that can ease the sickness, to find the perfect product, she doesn’t push them. These customers most of the time come back to her store and may even become regular customers there.


If a salesman uses this principle when they are selling they have a higher chance of selling and gaining more customers who will come back to this business to buy something again. This is Harry Browne’s principle to selling; put the customers first.


  1. Sarah says:

    Wait a second…I thought you were in 7th and 8th Grade? This is 9th Grade…

    ~Sarah E.

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    1. Yes I am, but I decided to do business, because I wanted to add an extra course.

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