Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, has many bright and entertaining characters which share different personalities. This essay I will be comparing and contrasting the characters Tom, Huck Finn, and Aunt Polly.


The main character of this book, is a funny twelve year old boy who is very curious, mischievous, dramatic,  and superstitious; he is also very manipulative, and even gets his friends to do his chores for him. He gets into trouble throughout the book but the book would not be entertaining if he didn’t. Even with all of his faults he can be a rather sweet and nice boy, who is still learning and figuring out life.

Huck Finn

Huck is one of Tom’s good friends, he is the son of the town drunkard. Because of his background he is a very wild, rough, and fun boy to be around even though most of the parents in the town have forbidden their children to spend time with him. Huck doesn’t seem to care of his not “so good reputation” with the parents since a lot of the children want to spend time with him thanks to his reputation of being “not a great kid”. He likes getting into a fight or two.

Aunt Polly

Aunt Polly is Tom’s Aunt. She is a compassionate woman, who threatens to beat Tom whenever he gets into trouble but usually can’t bring herself to do it, when she does though she really regrets it after doing it.


Aunt Polly is much different from Tom and Huck, because she is not a young boy, who likes fighting, pretending to be a pirate, and treasure hunting all of these Tom and Huck both love doing.

But she does share one thing in common she is pretty superstitious and jumps to conclusions pretty quickly, but other then that she is much different a character then Tom and Huck who both have a lot in common.

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