Why Running My Own Business a Way to Guarantee My Employment in 2030

Technology is getting better and better as time goes by, one of the many technologies that are getting better are Robots, or Artificial Intelligence. Robots and Software are special machines that can do things very closely to humans, this is great but it can also cause issues for humans, since Robots and Software are always improved and new Robots and Software are being invented, the work that humans do, Robots can do it better, faster, and cheaper, which replaces the human workers.

Since less human employment is needed thanks to Robots and Software a lot of people will lose their jobs and be unemployed. 

 To guarantee I will be making an income in 2030, I must run my own business, this saves me not only from not being replaced by a Robot or Software, but instead I will manage the Robots or Software, being on top of a company or business will guarantee mye employment and an income.

Most people do not have the guts to run a business because either they are not capable, or they are scared of the risk that a business may cause them.


Many jobs are disappearing because of Robots or software, many people will be unemployed and struggling, the thing to prevent myself from being unemployed and struggling is to run my own business, and being on top

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