Macbeth is a play by Shakespear, it is a very tragic and gloomy tale of a man named Macbeth who hears a prophecy that he will become King of Scotland after the King at the moment dies. But he becomes impatient and even murders the King. After he is haunted by his guilt.

The beginning of the play, three witches discover a prophecy that Macbeth will become king of Scotland, they tell Macbeth after he returned from battle, this makes him think very highly for himself. He becomes impatient since the King of Scotland at the time is very much alive and still ruling. 

Macbeth’s impatient wins out and he murders the King while he is sleeping, he then blames the perfectly innocent jail guards who had nothing to do with it, the people believe him since he had used a jail guards knife, this is a very bad and wrong decision, first of all it’s terrible to murder someone, but it is even worst to blame someone else when you commited a crime such as murder .

He is then crowned King and holds a large banquet in his honour, he kills many people you he thinks is a threat to his throne including his friends! Quite evil.

The feast does not end so joyfully for Macbeth, one of his friend’s ghost appears, since Macbeth is the only person that can see the ghost, everyone’s reaction was very surprised when Macbeth seemed ill, the party ended early.

The longer Macbeth rules the more evil and wrong decisions he makes, this threatens the welfare of Scotland, because of this he sees the witches again, they cast a spell that tell Macbeth of his fall.

After this, Macbeth is defeated by a good man named Macduff, Macbeth is even killed which frees Scotland from his horrible reign.

This clearly shows that being evil never pays off, and that you will lose eventually if you do bad things, power can blind people, and that not everyone should become King.


  1. Esther says:

    Great job! I knew something about the story of Macbeth, but you helped me get a good overview, and you wrote an wonderful summary!

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  2. Lillyanalee says:

    Wow! Great job Kim! Your essay makes me want to read the whole play! 😀


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