Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey is a mostly forgotten figure in history, but she was queen of England in the 16th century after Edward the 6th, for a very short time.

Early Life

Jane was born in Leicestershire England in 1537, Henry Grey, who was marquess of Dorset, but later on the Duke of Suffolk, and Lady Frances Brandon, who was the daughter of Princess Mary of England,  and sister of Henry the 8th. This meant that Jane was in the line of succession to the English throne, rather distantly.

She received a great education during her childhood, and learned about the Protestant faith, she soon was a committed Protestant.

She married quite young to Lord Guildford Dudley.


Edward the 6th, who was King at the time had always had been very weak in health, and he became ill, so he had to choose an heir, since he had no children, it was assumed that he would choose his eldest sister Mary, but instead he chose Jane because she was a Protestant this was because Edward was a protestant and he did not want Mary to make England a Catholic nation again.

Four days after Edward died, Jane became queen of England in July 10th, 1553.

Time as Queen

Jane was queen for a very short time nine days to be exact! 

This was because Mary, Edward’s sister had gained support to claim the throne, since Jane had lost most of her support, and in July 19th, Mary was declared Queen of England.


Jane was thrown into prison, and was executed in February 12th, 1554 along with her husband, for high treason.


  1. Esther says:

    Great job!! I remember reading about Lady Jane Grey once; I think it is so sad that both she and her husband were executed.

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  2. Thank you Esther!

    I agree it is sad, but that happens a lot in history.


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    Hey Kim, I’m so sorry I forgot to meet you and talk about customizing your site. xD

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  4. That’s okay, I think we all have been busy. XD

    Sure, I’m busy today but probably this weekend I will be free.


  5. Schalin says:

    This was an enjoyable peace. I always like reading about historical people. Thank you for writing this. 🙂


  6. Thank you! And Your welcome!


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