The Real Neat Blog Award Part2!

Thank you Lavender’s Delightful Word’s or Roselynn for nominating me!


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 10 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate four bloggers who deserve the award
  • Create 10 original questions for the nominees to answer
  • Let them know they’ve been nominated.

The Questions

  1. What’s the best type of cheese? Brie, Swiss, and Cheddar
  2. What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real world? Probably MJay.
  3. What are some fun and interesting alternatives to war that countries could settle their differences with? Debates, competing in video games, and having the Olympics every year, since the countries are competing against each other.
  4. What are some fun ways to answer everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”? Be sarcastic, say if I’m not having such a great day, then I say sarcastically when someone ask’s me “How’s it going”, my answer “Amazingly”.
  5. If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them? Yes of course.
  6. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? I am not a weird food combo person.
  7. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try? Chow Mein
  8. If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator? My younger sister.
  9. What’s Your Favorite song? At the moment it’s either “Liar by Camila Cabello” and “Lovely by Billie Eilish.
  10. What’s your favorite book (Besides the bible) Probably the Anne of Green Gables series.

My Nominees

Questions for my nominees.

1: Have you ever traveled?

2: Have you eaten sushi?

3: What is your least favorite song and why?

4: What in your opinion makes a great friend?

5: Does math come easily to you or the opposite?

6: If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?

7: Do you like opera music?

8: Have you ever been to a concert, and if you have what kind was it?

9: Charles Dickens or Jules Verne?

10: Camila Cabello or Ariana Grande?

Have fun!


  1. Schalin says:

    Thank you soo much for nominating me! I will get right on it!


  2. Your welcome Schalin!


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