Real Neat Blog Award Part 3!

Thank you Abi Lyn for nominating me!


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you (Done!)
2. Answer the 10 questions the blogger gave you
3. Nominate four bloggers who deserve the award
4. Create 10 original questions for the nominees to answer
5. Let them know they’ve been nominated


My Questions:
1. Do you think you’ll get a tattoo when you are older? Nope.
2. What is your favorite day of the week? The weekend.
3. What book has made an some sort of impact on you? God, there are so many! The bible and Power of Positive Thinking.
4. What is something that embarrasses you that your parents or siblings do? When my sisters start doing tik tok dances to trigger me.
5. If you were stranded on an island and could only have three things, what would they be? A knife, a bible, and a flint.
6. Favorite quote? “Difficult Roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”
7. What would your dream job(s) be? Geologist.
8. If you could travel to one country and stay there for a week for free, where would you go? Japan.
9. What is the hardest thing you can cook or bake? Probably cream buns and donuts.
10. What language would you most like to learn? Japanese, I can speak it a little and I understand it but I can’t read or write it.

I nominate

My Questions to Nominees.

1: What’s a career that you never want to do.

2: How many siblings do you have?

3: If you traveled the world, what destination you must visit?

4: Favorite type of insect. XD

5: If you could open a small store right now what would you sell?

6: What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

7: Which holiday is better, Christmas or New Years?

8: The funniest meme you have ever heard?

9: Do you like or dislike memes?

10: Finally if you could buy any pet would it be?

Have fun! And thank you Abi Lyn!


  1. quintin308 says:

    I have 4 other ones lined up so it might be a while.


  2. Oof, that’s a lot! Please take your time.


  3. digstar34 says:

    so…. check my blog tommorow sofa, a real neat blog post! there it is 😉


  4. Okay, I will thanks for the link!


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