My Past Income And What My Future Income Might Look Like

This report is about my past income and what I think my future income might look like.

My Past Income

I began saving up money since I was seven years old, it started when my grandmother gave me twenty dollars for a gift and told me that if I saved up from then on I would have much more than twenty dollars, and that inspired me to save up, and I did; for the next five years I saved up doing extra chores, watching my siblings out of the house, birthday money, and money gifts from my grandparents, and I saved up to eight- hundred and fifty dollars, and I was only twelve.

Since I had a pretty decent some of money I wanted to put it into a bank at first until I first saw a gold coin, a real gold coin, and I decided that, that was something I wanted to invest in, the coin was my Dad’s and I told him that I wanted to by it, and how much money I had. So he and I made a deal, since the gold coin’s value was much higher than the amount of money I had, he told me that he would charge me all my money. It was a tough decision, and some may say that it was stupied choice, but I’m happy that I did buy it since gold is a good investment, and never goes out of value.

That was the first time I really spent my money and invested it.

After that twelve to thirteen, I worked hard doing extra chores, etc, but when I was thirteen almost fourteen I decided to get a real job. I began working at a family friend’s business, twice a week, it does not seem like a start but I am a busy person with school and other activities so it was a start for me. When I got my job I decided to start really saving money again, and now combined with the value of the gold coin I probably have a net worth of almost two thousand.

My Future Income

My future income is tricky to determine since I don’t know what kind of job/jobs I will have or if I may have my own business. But I do know that I will improve my abilities with money and making it so I believe I will make more money than I do now.


This is my essay on my past income and what I think my future income will be.

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