What Am I Willing to Settle For One Year From Now

One year from now I am willing to settle being finished with this business course. I may be moving in a year so my life is a little unpredictable, but if I am not moving it will be easier to predict. If I do move, it may be in the same town I live in or a different one close by, I will probably be working for my father by then, also I will have set up my geology blog which supports my calling. If I do not move, my life will be a little different, I will probably be working at a local town business part time, my father’s business part time, and set up a geology blog which like I said supports my calling.

What Am I Willing to Settle For My 18th Birthday

On my 18th birthday I am willing to settle being finished with high school, taking clep exams, working for my father, and managing my geology blog full time. For my calling I would work on getting forward on being a geologist and studying as much as I can to become one.

What Am I Willing to Settle For My 25th Birthday

By this point I am willing to settle that I am now a geologist, I will be working for my father full time now, and having at least two writers for my geology blog. For my calling I will most likely have met someone who I plan on living with for the rest of my life, and also thinking of starting a family with this person.

How Can The Strategy of Going The Extra Mile Help Me Attain These Goals?

The strategy of going the extra mile is something that all successful people in business do. Going the extra mile is just doing more than what is required; this is very important because, if you put in more effort into something, the better your outcomes will become.

The more effort I put into my study of geology books before actually starting my geology blog, will help me put good and true information on the site. Putting a lot of effort studying these books and working with my geology site will make it easier for me to pass and understand the real geology classes I will be doing in the future.

Going that extra mile sounds like a pain at first in the short run, but it is very worth it in the long run, especially when you are achieving your goals, and becoming successful thanks to this method.

Most people can do simple tasks and have a job. But the people who put effort in the things they do will be more successful than the people who don’t put in any effort.

This method applies to all careers, jobs, and even sports careers. The more effort you put into something the better the outcome in the end.


  1. Thanks Roselynn I will get at it after a bit of school.


  2. digstar34 says:

    I Finished my real neat blog award, and your nominated (you don’t need to do it tho, because your so busy the other one and school, but do if you want to, https://digstarblog.wordpress.com/2019/11/12/the-real-neat-blog-award-thank-you-andromeda/)


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