Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Colony was one of the early colonies in the United States. The people of Plymouth Colony also celebrated the first “Thanksgiving”.


In 1620 a group of people known as Pilgrims arrived to the New World on a ship called the Mayflower. These men, women, and children had left England to have religious freedom and start a new life. They landed on the modern day state of Massachusetts.

The First Winter

The first year for the pilgrims was not an easy one; during the first winter almost half of the pilgrims died from various illnesses, lack of food, shelter, and the cold. Because of this, the people of the colony were very weak. Things got better though after the winter.

Interaction With The Native American’s

At first the Pilgrims and the Native’s had a very tense interaction. The Pilgrims worried for their safety and organized a standing militia, to be prepared for any attack.

The tense interaction soon changed between the Pilgrims and the Native’s when the unbelievable happened. A Native named Samoset walked into Plymouth on March, 1621; and announced these words “Welcome, Englishmen!” he then explained to the rather surprised Pilgrims that he had learned English from English trappers up North.

Samoset helped the Pilgrims by introducing them to the Wampanoag tribe, the two groups agreed to live side by side without any issues. Samoset introduced them to a Native named Squanto.

  Squanto, had been kidnapped by the English. When he returned home he had discovered his family tribe had been all killed by diseases. Since he really had nowhere to go he joined the Pilgrims, and taught them how to farm, and be prosperous in the New World.

The First Thanksgiving

The first year anniversary of the pilgrims arrival in November 1621; the fifty-three surviving Pilgrims decided to hold a celebration for their success of going through this one year. This celebration of “thanking God for getting them through the first year,” lasted for three days and was also like a harvest festival. The Native’s joined in too.


Plymouth Colony underwent some hardship but in 1623 they were in a good place. Eventually the Colony was absorbed by a neighbouring colony called Massachusetts Bay colony.


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