I stand on the block.

I hear the whistle.

My head goes down,

My arms, and legs ready.

When I hear the go nothing stops me.

I glide through the water.

My head surfaces.

Then it clicks.

My arms and legs move together,

Helping me move faster, faster.

I see the wall.

I flip over.

Kick off and glide.

I take a breath.

I see the finish.

I sprint, nothing holds back.

I reach, reach.

And touch the wall.

I gasp for air, 

But smile.

My second interesting attempt of poetry.


  1. Esther W. says:

    Great job!! It described exactly how I feel when I’m at a swim meet and I’m in a race. I could never do a flip-turn when I reached the wall, though! šŸ™‚ I did achieve the dive, however. I worked LOTS on that!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Raegan says:

    That is really good I like it!


  3. Yes! Flip turns are hard but when you get them it will make you much faster.
    Awesome! Diving in something I still suck at. XD


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