The Odyssey Summary Summary Books 9-12

The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem about the adventures of Ulysses, during the Trojan war and his long journey back home, which ends up taking ten years. I am summarizing books nine through twelve.

Book 9

After the Trojian war, Ulysses and his crew journey back home. They reach Cicons, but are horrified by the locals and leave. A storm hits; the storm pushes them off course and they reach the land of the cyclops, which causes the crew a great deal of trouble since a cyclop captures them. The cyclop is brutal and cruel, and is only defeated by a flaming hot pointy stick in the eye. The surviving men including Ulysses barely escape.

Book 10 

Ulysses arrives on the Island of Aeolus. The Island gives him strong winds; Ulysses opens the bag that contains the winds, and they are driven back again. They sail on to Laestrygones; unfortunately they lose eleven of their twelve ships. With the only remaining ship the crew sets to the Island of Circe. When they land on the Island the Enchantress Circe turns some of Ulysses men who ventured to look around the Island, into pigs. Ulysses is given a special herb Moly from the God Mercury that will protect him from Circe’s spells. He defeats the Enchantress and restores his crew back into humans, but this is after a year of staying on the Island. Circe influences Ulysses descent into Hell.

Book 11

Ulysses lands on the land of the Cimmerians. He has to perform strange ceremonies that call on the dead. He enters the underworld, in the underworld he meets his family members who have died and some ancient heros. After he stops exploring because he is disgusted by the whole place, especially the tormented cries of the wicked, and etc.

Book 12

Ulysses returns from his very gloomy journey of the underworld. He and his crew begin their journey again. They escape many dangerous situations during the journey. They land on the Island of Trinacria. On this Island all of his men are destroyed and killed by the Oxen of the Sun (I really have no idea what it is). Ulysses is the only survivor, he escapes this Island by swimming on a board of wood for nine whole days. He lands on the Island of Calypso, and lives there for seven years.

End of summary.


  1. Sounds like a weird book? Did you have to read this for school?

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  2. Yeah it was, also it was very confusing and frustrating to read. Yes it was an assigned reading for English.


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