Why Is The Sun Important And Special

The Sun is the largest thing in are Solar system, it is also the most important. Most people usually take the Sun for granted or do not know much about it.

The Sun is much, much bigger than the Earth; it’s diameter is about one-hundred times of the Earth.

 The Sun is flaming hot, it’s surface temperature alone is ten-thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The heat from the Sun is very important; without the Sun, life on Earth would be impossible, since humans need light and warmth to survive.

The Sun is a star. It is the closest star from Earth even though it is very far away; an exact ninety-three million miles away from Earth, it’s far distance is perfect for a good amount of heat, if it was farther life would be impossible on Earth it would be too cold, but to close it would be boiling hot and again life would be impossible. 

The Sun is a unique star because of its intense brightness and heat, most stars are cooler in temperature and a lot less bright in appearance. another reason why it is unique is because most Solar Systems have two or more stars, but the Sun is the only star of are Solar System..


This is my essay on why the Sun is so important, and why it is a very special star.

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