TV: A Time Waster?

Watching TV is a popular pastime, but it is also a huge time waster especially when you watch a ridiculous amount of hours per week.

The average amount of TV watched by a child per week is twenty-two hours, the average adult watches twelve hours more or thirty four hours of TV a week! 

Humans need downtime; a time where they don’t need to use their brain and focus but instead relax, TV is a good thing for downtime but it should be limited, even a small percent of your time watching TV is too much.

This week I recorded what my average time watching TV is, this week was pretty average I watched roughly six hours of TV. This is much less than the average, so I do not think it’s too much, I will probably discipline myself and cut down my TV time by an hour to challenge myself.

With that said, even though I don’t watch a huge amount of TV I still will lose a lot of money from wasting this time.

I learned in this course that if I multiply the number of hours I watch TV by twenty dollars, that sum will be how much money I will make when I am twenty if I start a business at fifteen. I then estimated that I watch about 25 hours a month of TV the sum came out as six hundred dollars. I inputted this amount with a ten percent interest rate over fifty six years. The amount I got was $15,067,856.13; this is how much money I will lose if I continue watching TV at six hours a week until I am seventy. Fifteen million and a little bit seems like a huge sum of money and it is; but if you actually think of it, it’s not a lot in comparison to the average amount of time other people watch TV; so I do not think I will cut off too much of my time spent watching TV.


TV can be a time waster and you can lose money because the time you spent watching TV can be used to make money. A little bit of TV is fine but an excess amount is not.


  1. Lydia Potter says:

    I’ve never have a TV in my home, but I’m sure it is a time and money waster!


  2. Wow really! It is it also can be really addictive!


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