The Solar System’s Origin Beliefs

In this world there are two main beliefs on how the Solar System was created, these two beliefs are known as the Genesis Record and the Nebular Hypothesis.

The Genesis Record says that a creator, God created the universe. The Nebular Hypothesis is the exact opposite, instead it says that the universe was a big mistake, that it was created over trillions of years from a cloud of elements such as helium, hydrogen, and etc, and these elements had condensed enough by rotating around and around into the core of the sun; after another few billion years the sun was created. This theory technically states that out of nothing at all, all was created.

The first belief makes much more sense in my opinion, a creator, God created are universe and within that universe a planet, Earth that could sustain life. Or a whirlwind or a gas cloud in space, which rotated and spun around enough to create the Sun’s core and then over the next trillion years creates the Earth that has humans and other forms of life such as animals and plants. How does that make any sense?

People will say that the Nebular Hypothesis was founded off of scientific facts, proof, and plenty of research; and that the Genesis record was founded off of faith, religion, and the Bible, but this is false, both of these beliefs depend on faith.

The people who created the Nebular Hypothesis Pierre-Simon de Laplace who was a mathematician  and Immanuel Kant a philosopher were both Atheists, so of course they would want to come up with some theory that is different then the Genesis theory that didn’t have to do with some creator because they were Atheists. So they created a theory without proof but instead faith, faith that God does not exist or is real.

Now would you believe that a giant tornado built your house? No of course not someone built it, nothing does not build anything without a creator.


The Universe and Earth is an example of are Creator or God’s greatness. A lot of people these days don’t really understand this or want to, instead they believe the Nebular Hypothesis which was created by Scientists who turn their backs from what is already so very obvious and clear. And even when they say it is a logical theory it is really just based on faith.


  1. ManJan says:

    Oh, simpleton. Of course everything came from nothing. If you say that that is unscientific and insane, then you’re unlogical.

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  2. Yes, but you need some creator to make something out of nothing, that’s the issue with Nebular Hypothesis.


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