Would I Rather Start A Small Business Or Become a Minimum Wage Apprentice to a Mentor?

Many people get jobs which they do not like or one they do enjoy that does not pay enough. Starting a business is a huge advantage, it takes hard work but there are many advantages if you are successful.

Now, would I rather start a small business or become a minimum wage apprentice to a mentor? Well at the moment I have a job at a small local business I make a minimum wage income and I work with the business’s owner and I am going to start working for my Dad’s business too under his watch and guidance, which will benefit me greatly since I will be learning about advertising, marketing, and etc . At the moment I have been working as a minimum wage apprentice and it has benefited me overall, it has made me more alert, have more of an eye to detail, a greater work ethic, and a little cash in my pocket. Now this does not mean I am not considering, starting a business; starting a business will benefit me also, and I am planning to start a geology blog which will support my calling with my Dad.

At the moment a minimum wage apprenticeship is where I am at the moment so I would rather have a minimum wage job then starting a business, but that does not mean I do not consider starting a small business when I am a little older with my Dad’s help, but for now and the next few years I will most likely have a minimum wage job, and that being said for the next few years I will rather have a minimum wage job as an apprentice then starting my own business.


In this essay I answered the question would I rather have a small business or minimum wage apprenticeship to a mentor? I answered this question by saying that for the next few years from now I would rather have a minimum wage job as an apprentice, but that does not mean I will not consider starting my own business.

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