Getting Into Shape For Less

Getting exercise is very important for your body, it’s good for you, but it can also be expensive, especially when you get very committed to a sport. In this essay I will talk about how to save money on sports and exercise, and what types are the most expensive, least expensive, and gym memberships are they really worth it?

Saving Money On Sports and Exercise

Saving money on sports and exercise is a good idea, here are some tips. Look for other options; instead of going to a fancy gym class or gym, how about you buy some cheap but decent quality equipment such as a yoga mat, weights, etc from a sports store or amazon, and watch youtube tutorials to help you use the equipment properly. If you don’t want to spend money on equipment or like that kind of exercise, go for daily walks, hike, bike,jog/run, or swim at your local pool. These are cheaper since most of the things you need for these options you probably have right now, such as sneakers, a bathing suit, and a bike. Doing yoga is a great exercise form both for how cheap it is you just need a mat and the fact that it’s pretty good for you. Doing daily push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, etc are also great options for staying fit. Looking for different, cheaper forms of exercise is a great way to save money and become more physically fit.

What Are the Most Expensive and Least Expensive Ways to Get Into Shape

Getting really involved with sports can be very costly especially if you compete. Competing in sports is not only expensive for the cost of the sport’s program you do but also for traveling fees and equipment that does not come with the program, that you must buy. Competing in sports is definitely the most expensive way to get into shape.

The least expensive way to get into shape is probably doing exercise on your own. Going for walks, biking, hiking, running, doing daily home workouts, and doing yoga, are all ways of doing exercise on your own. These options both save you money and are great ways to get into shape.

Are Gym Memberships Really Worth It?

Some gym memberships can be very expensive but others very cheap. The issue with gym memberships is the fact that to use it well, you have to go to the gym often, if you do not the gym membership is not worth it and a waste of money. I personally think that a gym membership is only worth it if you go to the gym often because if you don’t it is not.


  1. lilalai07 says:

    Nice essay! I agree with yon gym membership. A lot of people will say to themselves “Alright, from now on I’m going to the gym and getting fit.” Then they buy a membership for a year. But then they only go about once or twice in the year and therefore waste a lot of money.



  2. Thank you! Yes, you have to be disciplined to go to the gym regularly.


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