George Whitefield

George Whitefield was one of the most recognized pastors during a time known as the Great Awakening. Which was the revival of religion in the early colonies; this movement began since many of the colonists said they were Christians and they went to church, but their lifestyles did not reflect their “beliefs.”

Early Life

Whitefield was born in Gloucester England, in December sixteenth, 1714. His family was not rich. His parents were innkeepers. Since his family did not have much money, he did not have the money to attend college, but that did not stop him. He attended Oxford college, and paid the fees by working as a server for the more wealthy students at Oxford. During his time at Oxford he met the Wesley brothers(they later founded the Methodist church).

Early Career and Career

The Wesley brothers and Whitefield were part of a group that initiated the legalistic side of Christianity. Whitefield prayed and did other religious things in a routine like way, but he did not feel a connection with God while doing these routines. This frustrated him to the point where he cried out the name God in prayer one day, and after this he felt a connection. 

After this moment he became very passionate about things of God, this inspired him to begin preaching. He became quite famous for his preaching and people from all over came to hear him.

After becoming a preacher Whitefield decided to visit the American colonies as a parish priest. During his visit he noticed that the colonies were in great need of an orphanage; after noticing this he decided that this orphanage and preaching for the colonists was going to be his life’s work and career.

When he returned back to England he began fundraising for the Orphanage and preached at the same time.

Whitefield was not assigned to a single church, instead he worked as a traveling minister in the colonies. His voice was said to be heard from miles away, this allowed him to preach in front of a huge group of people without being amplified. Even though he had many followers and many who repented and converted because of him, he still had many people who disliked and scorned about his preaching, sometimes it would get so bad that riots would start. 

He even had an important role in the founding of America. He warned the colonists that the King would take away their freedom.

In 1770, Whitefield passed away. He was remembered as one of the greatest figures during the Great Awakening.


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