End of Year: English

This year of English was a pretty long journey, but it is now coming to a close. I learned so much this year of topics I never knew existed! I used to consider English boring, and I never enjoyed it till this class. Much thanks to my teacher Mr. Fish!

This year I learned about the parts of a story, many terms for plays, dramas, and poems, and much more!

My favorite thing about this class was the way the classes were laid out and how long the videos were. Instead of being super long and dragging the videos were short but got to the point quickly. I was also able to go through the course much more quickly than I thought I would be able to, which is a good thing since I was behind in English.

My least favorite part about the course was probably the section on poetry, I don’t really like poetry that much. But the section taught me to better understand poetry though, which made me appreciate poetry a little more than I did.

What I could change about the course? Nothing, the course is great the way it is, and I think that nothing should be changed about it.

The most helpful thing I learned during this year of English was the parts of a book. That section gave me a firm understanding on why fiction stories are laid out the way they are; another thing that was helpful, were the practice tests, those taught me that college level exams are not impossible to do, which has made it less daunting, since I will by taking a real college level exam very soon.


This is my wrap up of this year of English.


  1. Raegan says:

    Wow! You are already done with english!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No, I’m just done with the course, I have 4 more years of English left for me. XD


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