What 20% of The Book The Breakthrough Principle of 16x Influenced Me the Most

This week I read a book called The Breakthrough Principles of 16x, by Richard Koch, the book was about how to use minimal effort to get results that are sixteen times better.

The main themes of this book are, focus, focus, focus, defy the tyranny of routine, do it your own way, recruit the support of potential allies, and recycle the world’s best ideas.

The book explains how to use the 80/20 principle to your own personal advantage, to get sixteen times better the results to anything you do. The 80/20 principle is a principle that states that eighty percent of the results are from only twenty percent of the action. There are many examples of this principle in daily life such as, you probably only wear twenty percent of your clothing eighty percent of the time, twenty percent of the customers bring in eighty percent of the money, and etc. As you can tell there are many examples of this principle in daily life.

A Chapter In The Book That Influenced Me The Most

A chapter that influenced me the most in the book was, Recycle The World’s Best Ideas; this chapter helped me realize that great already used ideas, can be reused, and applied for your business.


The Breakthrough Principle of 16x, was a very interesting and helpful book, and I highly recommend reading it.

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