What I Did During My Summer Vacation

I had a pretty good summer, I wouldn’t really call it a vacation since I still had to do school, but my school work amount was lighter and I could skip a day if I wanted to if I was spending time with my friends.

I swam a lot in the local lakes in my area with my family and friends, it was super hot out so the cool glacier water of the lakes were a lifesaver. When I was at the lake with my friends, we would paddle board, swim, dive down into the water, or just float around like otters. Sometimes my Mom or Dad would drive my sisters and I to a different town to go swimming with our other friends.

Swimming wasn’t the only thing I did during my summer. My family and I would go hiking usually we would hike a local hiking trail or the town ski hill which was opened for hiking and mountain biking. When I went hiking I usually saw wildlife or beautiful bodies of water.

 I went mountain biking a few times with my Dad, but I didn’t really like it since the bike trails were usually in the trees and very narrow.

Going to local farmers markets was another big part of my summer, I would usually go with my friends and buy local treats or jewelry. Sometimes I even went to two farmers markets in just a day!

The last thing I did during the summer was get my ears pierced and went to the city to shop.


  1. Esther W. says:

    Sounds like you had a fun summer! My family does school in the summer as well. I got my ears pierced this year, too! Except it was in the fall.

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    1. Thanks, I did! Yeah, cool!

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      1. Esther W. says:

        Good! 🙂


  2. ninjawarrior83 says:

    That sound cool xd. I got my ears pierced when i was 1 or 2 years ol

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  3. Yeah it was! That’s when a lot of my friends got it, one of my my friend’s she got her’s at three months.


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