My Favorite Hobby

I have many hobbies that I do, but my favorite out of these is baking. I first began baking on my own when I was ten years old, and it soon became something that I really loved and enjoyed.

When I first started baking I made mistakes, I used to over bake cakes, mix things improperly, and just did things wrong in general, but I got better over time, and I soon was baking many things without making mistakes.

 Before I knew it, my family and friends began asking me to bake birthday cakes or desserts for holidays or celebrations!

The worst mistake I made while baking was when I was making cream puffs. I misread the amount of water needed for the recipe, and I added too much water, which made the cream puff dough into a watery mess, which I had to throw out. It was pretty disappointing since I love cream puffs, but it taught me a valuable lesson: read the recipe properly, and reread it if needed.

My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. The reason why I like baking these cookies the most is because they are not hard to bake or take too long, and they are just delicious! I like my chocolate chip cookies to be chewy but crispy on the edges.

 My least favorite thing to bake is, bread, bread making is a long and tiresome process which I don’t really enjoy.

Unfortunately, I became busy with other things once I got older, and I began baking less often; now I have restricted my baking till birthdays and holidays, since I have become very busy with school and sports.

  Hopefully I will become less busy and bake more often soon.



  1. Beckwith407 says:

    Good essay!


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  2. Esther W. says:

    I love to bake as well!!! It’s my second favorite hobby, topped only by piano. I don’t like baking bread as well, but I love baking cakes, cookies, and brownies! I’ve never tried to make cream puffs before, but I’d like to sometime soon!

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  3. Yeah! Cool you play piano, so does my sister!


  4. You have been nominated for The Real Neat Blog Award.


  5. you have been nominate of The Real Neat Blog Award. And here is the link

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  6. Okay, I will get at it! Thank you Nick!!


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