My Favorite Hobby

I have many hobbies that I do, but my favorite out of these is baking. I first began baking on my own when I was ten years old, and it soon became something that I really loved and enjoyed.

When I first started baking I made mistakes, I used to over bake cakes, mix things improperly, and just did things wrong in general, but I got better over time, and I soon was baking many things without making mistakes.

 Before I knew it, my family and friends began asking me to bake birthday cakes or desserts for holidays or celebrations!

The worst mistake I made while baking was when I was making cream puffs. I misread the amount of water needed for the recipe, and I added too much water, which made the cream puff dough into a watery mess, which I had to throw out. It was pretty disappointing since I love cream puffs, but it taught me a valuable lesson: read the recipe properly, and reread it if needed.

My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. The reason why I like baking these cookies the most is because they are not hard to bake or take too long, and they are just delicious! I like my chocolate chip cookies to be chewy but crispy on the edges.

 My least favorite thing to bake is, bread, bread making is a long and tiresome process which I don’t really enjoy.

Unfortunately, I became busy with other things once I got older, and I began baking less often; now I have restricted my baking till birthdays and holidays, since I have become very busy with school and sports.

  Hopefully I will become less busy and bake more often soon.



  1. I love to bake as well!!! It’s my second favorite hobby, topped only by piano. I don’t like baking bread as well, but I love baking cakes, cookies, and brownies! I’ve never tried to make cream puffs before, but I’d like to sometime soon!

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