Blog Update

Today and yesterday I updated my blog. Yesterday I added new menus to make my blog more organized, and to make it easier for my viewers to find content they want to see.

Today I changed my blog theme, it looks similar to my old one but the color and font is different. I thought of adding a image to my front page but when I looked through my photo gallery no picture was suitable for my blog, so my blog is picture less like before. XD

And I added an icon, for some weird reason, so yeah…. It’s nice though.

Well that’s all for now. I will keep ya’ll updated on any new changes.



  1. Esther W. says:

    I really like the update!

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  2. Beckwith407 says:

    Nice, it looks good! Also, did you get a premium plan? On mine it took off all the WordPress branding on your site.

    Btw, you have to hit the reply button immediately below this comment in order for it to actually reply to me. (I noticed you weren’t doing that above, just a heads up)


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    1. Thank you, Colton! No, I am using the personal plan.

      Oof, thank you for letting me know!


  3. abi lyn says:

    I love the colors!! Good job!
    ❤ Abi Lyn

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    1. Thank you Abi! I like them too.

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