The Real Neat Blog Award Part 4

Thank you Nick for nominating me!!! Please check out his blog and give him a follow! his blog


Thank the blogger(s) who nominates you. Answer the ten questions the blogger gave you. Nominate four bloggers who deserve the award. Create 10 original questions for the nominees to answer. Let them know they’ve been nominated.

  1. Have you been to six flags? Nope, never have been. I really don’t know what that is. XD Is it an American thing?
  2.  Have you cooked spaghetti? Yes. I love spaghetti!
  3.  Have you made a fort out side? I have made a snow fort many times, does that count?
  4. Whats your favorite type of storm? Probably snow, because it means great powder skiing the next day.
  5. Do you like the out doors? Yes!!! Especially when I go skiing or hiking.
  6. Whats your favorite season? Fall, its not to hot or to cold.
  7. Do you like cameras and do you have one if so what type? I like camera’s, I don’t have one at the moment, I did though when I was five, but the camera broke.
  8.  Whats your favorite thing to do? Ski, swim, read, and spend time with my family and friends.
  9. Do you like reading? Yes, I love, love, love, reading!
  10. Whats your favorite restaurant? Gosh, this is tough… Hunter Gatherer(it’s barbecue), Mile One, the Pony, Sushi Zen, Barefoot Bistro(fancy food), and Peak’s pie(it serves savory pies).

I nominate:

My questions to these bloggers.

  1. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
  2. What’s the worst movie you have ever watched?
  3. What’s something you used to wear that you are now embarrassed about?
  4. Apple or Samsung.
  5. WordPress or instagram.
  6. The food item that you dislike but everyone else seems to love.
  7. Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  8. If you moved anywhere what would be your desired climate.
  9. Have you ever been through a snow storm?
  10. And finally, who is your least favorite singer.

Have fun!!



  1. Lydia Potter says:


    Least favorite singer???? What!

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