The History of China and India

In this essay I will be discussing about the history of China and India.


 In 500 AD, China already had quite a few, impressive royal dynasties; these included: Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han. But after the Han dynasty, China was divided in half. China was divided until 618, when the Tang dynasty(618-907), reunited the nation into one.

A new power arose in central asian, during the 1200s, this power was known as the Mongols, led by Gengis Khan. These Mongols tried to conquer all of Asia, and nearly succeeded. The Mongols controlled China for a time.

The Mongols power eventually declined, and the local Chinese rulers rebelled and regained control. A new dynasty arose known as the Ming dynasty in 1450.

In 1750 another empire began in China, the Qing Empire. 


The early civilizations in India were based in a valley called the Indus valley, where the Indus river runs. The Ganges river was close by and soon attracted people to move there.

Throughout India’s history, the government was constantly changing especially during the year 500 to 1750 AD. Some years India was a United country and others it was divided into many separate small kingdoms.

 India had two main religions(these are still the main religions today), Buddhism and Hinduism.

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, nonviolence, caring for all creatures: and they believe in one God, Buddha. Buddhists even have a holy text called the Tipitaka.

Hinduism is somewhat similar to Buddhism because, both religions believe in reincarnation and nonviolence, but Hinduism also had some differences. Instead of believing in one God, Hindu’s worship many Gods, they also promoted the caste system which was a system that separated people by class, which is surprising since the religion also preaches about being caring. The holy text for Hindu’s is called the Vedas.

Most of the Indian rulers focused on religion and other philosophical advancements, but some focused on expanding their territory. Indian culture developed much differently than Western or European cultures did.


 China and India are both countries from Asia, yet they have a much different culture and history, which makes the two countries unique.


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