My Favorite and Least Favorite School Subjects

My favorite and least favorite school subjects vary throughout the school year; some months I like a subject and the next I do not, so it really varies for me.

At the moment my favorite school subject is science. The reason why I like science over every other subject is because I like learning about new scientific facts, I always learn something new and interesting in science.

 Science isn’t my best subject though, and I could be better when it comes to it, but that hasn’t stopped me from not enjoying it.

The most recent and interesting thing I learned in science was astronomy: it was fascinating to learn about the universe and how it worked.

My least favorite subject at the moment is math. Math has been a school subject that I have disliked for some time now.

 I’m not horrible at it, I actually get a good grade in math, but it’s not very fun, especially geometry. 

The reason or reasons why I dislike math is because it deals with a lot of memorization and it gets harder and harder every year(I’ve accepted that fact). I also get really stressed out before math exams, which is never fun.

I hope I will improve on liking math more, since it is a very important and valuable subject.


  1. Math is my least favorite subject too!! I really don’t like Spanish as well, but math wins by just a bit. My favorite subject is history, no hesitation on that.

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