What Can I Cut Out of My Weekly Schedule In Order To Increase My Efficiency

Most people have overcrowded and busy schedules. Most of theses things in the schedule is completely unnecessary such as, to much extracurricular activities or social time, and could be cut out from your schedule altogether.

My Schedule

My schedule may sound busy but it actually is not; and I feel that I do not need to cut anything out, to increase my efficiency. The extra things I do during the week other than school are, swimming, which is important for exercise, skiing, also important for exercise, but I only do this in the winter, my job, I only work four hours a week, and it’s my source of income, my christian youth group for socialization, and the occasional meet up with my friends, which is not often since I see most of my friends at the christian youth group I go to.

Because, my schedule is practical and not too busy, I do not want to cut anything out. This is because all the things in my schedule are quite important. Swimming and skiing is my PE,which helps my body remain healthy physically, my job is my form of income, and my weekly christian youth group and occasional meet up with my friends is my social time.

I like the way my schedule is laid out, it’s not too busy, but with that said I could cut out my extra free time, I have when I am not doing school work, I get this free time when my siblings are using the computer, instead of using that time doing nothing, I could read a book or reread my school notes, but this is not exactly in my schedule.


Like most people I cannot spend my time doing school for the entire day, that would probably make me go insane; I need my break, to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Personally, I will not be altering anything in my schedule to become more efficient since all the things in my schedule helps me become more efficient, because physical activity and social time helps me remain healthy mentally and physically.

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