Two Small Businesses I Could Run

Running a small business when you are young is a great way to make money. In this essay I will be describing two achievable business ideas, that I could do sometime in the future.

My Two Business Ideas

The first business I could run is a jewelry business. I have had this idea since I was only ten but I never took it seriously.

 My jewelry business will sell crystal bead bracelets; the reason why I chose this type of jewelry is because it is not that hard to make and I can buy the crystal beads online.

The two ways I could start selling these bracelets are at the local farmers market in my area or I could receive requests for my products once they are known.

My second business idea is dog walking. There are a lot of dogs in my area that have pretty busy owners; I have done dog walking before so I have some experience with it. 

The way I will promote my dog walking business is by posting an ad at the local community center in my area. 

The ad will include my email, phone number, how much I charge per hour, my name, and what days I am available; this will make it easier for my customers to get in touch with me and know what my business is all about.


In this essay I described two small businesses I could run, jewelry and dog walking.


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    That was awesome! Five stars.

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        Sure. No problem.


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