The Furthest I Have Been From Home

Throughout my life I have moved, either to a different town or a different province completely; every time I moved it was a life gaining experience, I met new and different people and I got to see many amazing things when I moved.

 The furthest I have been from home was Japan.

I have been to Japan a total of three times. The first time I visited Japan was in 2009, I was only three years old, but I still remember a lot from the trip, which is surprising because I was only four.

 I went to Japan with my Mom and sister, who was only about one at the time. My Dad didn’t come since he was busy with work.

 The reason why we went to Japan was because my Mom wanted my sister and I to meet her relatives, most of which my sister and I had not met.

 The things I remember the most was wearing my very first kimono, which was a very uncomfortable experience, going to hot springs, and eating really good food.

 We visited Japan for a total of two months, which seems like a really long time, but staying in Japan for months at a time is the best way to experience the country.

The second time I visited Japan and was in 2010, this time we went because it was going to be second cousin’s wedding.

 I was four almost five and my sisters were three and one(yes I had another sister after the first trip to Japan).

 At the wedding I was a flower girl which was pretty scary for me, since there were a lot of people, watching me, but I managed to do it!

My favorite thing about the second trip was when one of my cousin’s from my Dad’s side came to visit us in Japan, the reason why I enjoyed it the most was because we took my cousin to a huge japanese castle, which we got to explore.

The third time, I went to Japan in early 2011, this time for my Uncle’s wedding.

My sister and I were ring bearers at the wedding, which was nerve racking but less so then the first time I got involved in a wedding, my sister was much more brave than I was, she walked down the wedding aisle like a queen.

My sisters and I got to wear these beautiful pink and white dresses(I still have that dress), we even got to wear gloves; my Mom wore a beautiful grey and white kimono.

 I enjoyed this wedding more than the first one I had been to, because it was an indoor wedding and I got to wear a custom made dress.

But are trip ended unexpectedly when Fukushima happened(Fukushima was a nuclear disaster caused by an earthquake and tsunami), it was a really scary situation.

 I still remember the ground shaking because of the many minor earthquakes that happened in my area of Japan, also the radiation was really bad! 

I still remember the exact moment the disaster happened; it was a really cold March day and I was watching Television, and all of a sudden the news came on, I didn’t really understand what was going on but I do remember noticing that my Mom’s and grandmother’s faces going pale.

My Mom acted right away and got us out of Japan only a few days after the disaster, which I am very grateful for. 

During the wait for our plane at the airport, another minor earthquake happened, everyone in the airport was super scared, but thankfully it was minor. We finally felt safe when are plane took off.

Since than my family and I have not been back to Japan, hopefully in 2021 we will visit Japan, since the radiation has died down.


  1. Esther W. says:

    Wow! I would love to visit Japan someday.

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  2. Thank you! Yeah its a great experience!


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