My Favorite Lessons From This Year of History

In this essay I will be talking about my favorite lessons from this year of history: I have two favorite lessons.

Lesson Number One

My second favorite lesson from this year was the lesson on The Artists of the Renaissance. This lesson was about different talented artists other than Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, from a period of history known as the Renaissance. 

The artists I learned about in this lesson were, Raphael(a contemporary of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and was a painter), Botticelli(an Italian painter that used minimal contrast of light and shadow in his work), Dontatello(an artist that specialized in sculpting, especially sculptures in the style of reliefs), and Titian(this artist was very versatile in his work,and loved many different colors).

These Renaissance artists were very important to the development of art, and their influence is still seen to this day.

Lesson Number Two

My favorite lesson for this year, was the lesson, The Thirteen Colonies part two; the colonies that I learned in this lesson was Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

The colony of Maryland was founded in the year 1632, by Lord Baltimore(Baltimore city in Maryland is named after Lord Baltimore); Maryland originally was used as a haven for Catholics, but eventually the Protestants overthrew the Catholics and gained control of the colony.

Connecticut was founded four years after Maryland. Connecticut was founded by a Puritan minister.

Rhode Island was founded in the year 1636, when Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were banished from Massachusetts colony. Roger and Anne both founded their own colonies, Rhode Island and Providence colony. Both colonies were combined into one in 1663.

In 1664, Delaware colony was founded, before it was founded Delaware used to be part of Pennsylvania.


These were my two favorite lessons from this year of history. The reason why I liked these two lessons the most out of all one-hundred eighty lessons in my history course is because these lessons weren’t about one specific person but instead a group of people, which I found pretty interesting and educational.

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