Which Three Time Allocation Changes Could Increase My Productivity and Why?

Time allocation is an effective time management strategy, yet most people overlook it, this is because they get to busy with other things in life and forget what task is more important than the other.

 In this essay I will be talking about three things that I will be implementing the strategy of time allocation in my life.

Screen Time

My daily screen time is something that I want to limit my time with, but this is difficult since most of my school work requires me to be on a computer. I usually set aside fours hours of computer time to finish my school(I do a total of six courses each day), each day except on weekends and holidays, when my screen time is limited to only two hours at the most.

Limiting my screen time will give me enough time to do better and more important things, and make sure that my brain will not get damaged from the screens, which are very harmful for your health.


Cleaning is pretty important in my family, having a clean house is very beneficial and makes your life less cluttered and disorganized. I would like to set a specific time when I can help my Mom clean the house or clean my room and bathroom.

Cleaning regularly will make each future cleaning job easier since there is not much to clean, instead of procrastinating and letting the mess pile up, I will clean a little each day to keep the mess under control.

Fresh Air

Getting fresh air is pretty important to me, it helps me clear my brain, and get a good dose of clean fresh air in my lungs. Lately I have been too busy to go for regular walks because of school and other things. Cutting down my screen time will help me achieve this goal of going on daily walks.


These are the three things that I will be implementing time allocation to in my life.


  1. Great job, Kim! You are a very good writer!!

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