Fourteen year old Rina Yack groaned and rolled over onto her side, she was awfully tired thanks to reading some old Vogue magazines till 12 am,  and did not want to wake up.

After a few minutes of stalling she fumbled with her hands looking for her clock which was buried under a pile of school textbooks, magazines, and papers; it was 7 am drat!

She rolled out of bed, made it roughly, threw the magazines and newspapers which were on the floor into a wooden crate in her closet, she quickly got changed into a yellow skirt and white sweater, and tried to manage her knotty black hair with a brush, after 10 minutes of chaos she was ready.

She ran down the stairs and ran straight into her Dad, Peter Yack, a blond haired, blue eyed,  and tall man in his early forties. He worked as a newspaper writer and author.

“Rina, how many times I’ve told you not to run in the house your Obachan is sleeping you know how moody she can get,” he said steadying her; brushing her messy hair from her eyes .

“Sorry Dad, I’m in a bit of a rush,” Rina said hurriedly, she kissed her father’s cheek and was about to enter the kitchen.

“Remember you have to wake up Mya!” he shouted after her.

Oh dear! Her sixteen year old sister Mya was impossible, she slept in on every school day and was a stubborn mule when it came to her sleep and beauty

She hurried up the stairs and barged into her sister’s bedroom, the drill was barge into the room shake Mya and yell at her to wake up, that was the only way to get her up even though it meant making her furious.

Mya looked like the Asian version of Twiggy, the tallest female in the family standing at 5 foot 7, she was skinny with large open greeny brown eyes and light brown hair which she kept short, a little past her ears, she wasn’t that pretty if you actually thought about it but her charm and sassiness made up for it.

“Mya Matilda Yack! Wake up now or I will tan your hide!” yelled Rina, this phrase always worked on Mya and got her up straight away.

“Shut up Rina, it’s Sunday.” Mya pulled her blanket over her head.

“Well it happens to be Monday if you like it or not!” huffed Rina as she left the room, her sister would wake up now anyways.

She quickly ate breakfast just a slice of bread and butter, it could be worse, her Mom and Obachan always slept in, but she always had the best lunch because her house was near the school; she heard the soft patter of feet, her Mom walking down the stairs.

“Good morning Rina-chan,” said her mother Sara Yack, she was an artist and could do almost anything when it came to house decor and art, she was a woman of many talents but chose to stay home and raise her daughters and create art as a hobby, everything about her was calming and relaxing even her appearance was a comforting sight, she was a small woman just barely above five feet, she had long sleek black hair which she swept into an elegant knot at the back of her head, old fashioned but suited her.

“Morning Mom, where’s Obachan?” said Rina stuffing the rest of her toast, wishing that she could be calm and relaxed like her mother; her mother gazed at her disapprovingly; cramming toast into your mouth while talking isn’t exactly polite, but her mother thankfully didn’t mention it.

“Obachan is still sleeping, she sleeps till noon you know that,” laughed her mother as she led her to the kitchen; Mya was there looking incredibly spruce and charming, in her check pleated skirt which was borderline short and a short sleeve white blouse. She was quietly munching an apple with a fashion book in her hand.

“You’re up, finally.”

“Well, Rina a beauty sleep is key in looking fresh and great every morning Rina, which you should follow, more.” 

“Girls, now don’t start arguing you two are almost late for school now runalong!” said their mother very calmly.

The sisters left their home, and hurried down the road; their school Victoria High was a ten minute walk away but still it was far if you were carrying five huge school books which weighed like 5 pounds a peice. Mya and Rina went separate ways when Mya saw her friends; Rina hoped to see her friends but she didn’t.

At last they arrived at the school, she took a deep breath, she hated it, she hated the classrooms, homework, and annoying teachers, but she still entered the large swinging doors which were crowded with teens and teachers, as she entered the school she was bumped and pushed, but finally she saw her friends Anne and Brinn.

“Oh, hi Rina!” they shouted over the roar of noise.

Rina ran as best as she could to them; Anne was a ginger with reddish long hair which she kept in place with a headband and grey eyes which looked always curious she was also tall for her age and towered over Rina, Brinn on the other hand was blond with blue eyes and average height, she was very pretty but she didn’t care, her carefree nature made people want to know her she also laughed and giggled about almost everything which was sweet and adorable even though a lot of people found it annoying.

“Well ready for the pain of school?” said Brinn with a giggle.

“Yep!” said Rina and Anne, as the three of them walked to their classes.


  1. This is not a school assignment, I wrote this for my enjoyment. Obviously this chapter needs to be edited, etc, I just wanted to share. I may continue this story.

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    1. Beckwith407 says:

      Cool! Interesting so far. But the names. xD!!


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      1. Thank you! The names are Japanese names. XD They are a little unusual.

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      2. Beckwith407 says:

        xD that’s not what I was talking about xD did you intentionally copy the names of forum people? A 16 year old named “Mya”, “Sara Yack”…


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      3. Woah, I didn’t realize that, I just wanted to make the names unique. Oof

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      4. Beckwith407 says:

        Really? xD


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      5. Sarah E. says:

        LOL, well, the Yack name will be featured in a story, xD


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  2. Beckwith407 says:

    Oops I put “xD” twice in the same sentence. xD


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  3. Esther W. says:

    Very good!!

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  4. magalizer15 says:

    Nice! I like that you know who Twiggy is, I hadn’t heard of her until I saw an episode of The Muppet Show with her as the special guest star!

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    1. magalizer15 says:

      Are the chapters of this under the “English” category, so I can find the rest?

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      1. Nope. But they are in the category, Uncategorized. But soon I will be creating another menu and category for my personal writing.


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