My Three Favorite Parts From 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, written by Jules Verne(Jules Verne was one of the first authors to write in the genre of science fiction), and published in 1870.

The novel is about three men, Professor Aronnax, Counsiel, and Ned Land. These three men are on a journey to kill a “sea monster,” that has damaged and destroyed several ships.

 To find this “monster” the three men ride a ship called the Abraham Lincoln; When they do find this “monster” they discover that the monster is not really alive it actually is a type of ship called a submarine, this submarine is called the Nautilus.

The three men get captured by the submarine’s captain, Captain Nemo. The rest of the story is a tale about the adventures that these three men experience during their imprisonment.

In this essay I will be writing about my three favorite parts from this book: my favorite parts from this book are, the intro to the book(the first few chapters), the part when they journey to the South Pole, and the escape.

The Intro

The intro of the book introduced the main themes of the book, and got into the situation with the “monster” and the damage it was causing. Also this part of the book got into why Professor Aronnax received a letter from the Secretary of Maine, and why he decided to go and help them.

Professor Aronnax boarded a ship called the Abraham Lincoln, to hunt the “monster” with his two compainions. But the hunt comes to an end when they get captured.

The reason why I liked this part of the book was because it gave me a grasp on the story(even though I have read the book before).

The Journey to The South Pole

This part of the book was probably the most interesting and exciting part of the book in my opinion.

Captain Nemo decides to journey to the South Pole, which at the time has never been done; the journey is pretty long and dangerous.

 The most exciting part in this part of the book was when the Nautilus gets stuck in ice, to make matters worse, the ship slowly loses oxygen, which makes it nearly impossible to breath, before all was lost the Nautilus bores a hole through the ice so that the ship could collect some oxygen, this saves the characters but does not free them from the ice, they escape the ice by ramming the ship into the ice, breaking the ice into pieces.

The Escape

Ned Land had wanted to escape from the very start, but Professor Aronnax had not always wanted to, this was because he was somewhat a friend of Captain Nemo, but he wanted his freedom back too, so he was back and forth on the matter.

But, finally in the last few chapters of the book Aronnax consents to the idea of escape. Their plan of escape is to steal a small boat on the Nautilus.

Writing about the aftermath of the escape would spoil the story, so I will leave it a mystery that you will discover.


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, was a pretty decent book in my opinion, even though some parts were pretty dull and boring(this may be because I have read the book more than once); even though I thought some parts were boring I still recommend reading the novel, it’s a classic Jules Verne novel, that’s well written, and has some pretty interesting parts.

This is my essay on my three favorite parts of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.


  1. Beckwith407 says:

    Nice job! Yep, I thought some of it was bit dull, but the rest was great!


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    1. Thank you Colt! Yeah.


  2. ninjawarrior83 says:

    I think ive read this book before. Great essay tho.

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      1. ninjawarrior83 says:

        no problem xd.

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