My Homeschool

I am homeschooled. I have been homeschooled since kindergarten. In this essay I will be describing my homeschool life, how it looks, works, and why I like it the way it is.

Most of my schoolwork, I do on my computer, this includes essays and projects. The computer I use is a Lenovo Chromebook; and so far it works excellently. I usually wake up at seven thirty in the morning, when I wake up I drink a glass of water and start school. I do Math first, I usually finish math in an hour if I get the concept but if the concept is hard it may take me almost two hours to get finished. Secondly I do Science, it usually takes me forty five minutes to finish, but lately I have been watching lectures that have been up to one hour and thirty minutes long, right after Science I do History, the History lesson is often short in length, so I may finish history in fifteen minutes or less. English for me often has a reading and writing assignment after the lesson, usually it takes me an hour and thirty minutes to finish English. And finally Personal Finance and Business, both of these courses have reading assignments before or after the lecture, so combined it takes me about two hours to finish both lessons.

The reason why I like the way my homeschool works is because the lessons or lectures are not too long or stressful, also I can do each lesson at my own pace. Some days I may finish an hour to two hours early, if the lessons are short, which leaves me time to spend time with friends or ski, so really the length of my school is unpredictable, which can be great if I finish early, the opposite is a little devastating though. Overall I enjoy being homeschooled, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be.


  1. “I do Science, it usually takes me forty five minutes to finish, but lately I have been watching lectures that have been up to one hour and thirty minutes long” Are you doing those chemistry lab session things? Or are you past that?


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  2. I am being home-schooled as well and am doing Year 12 via correspondence. They are currently going through revision of what I learnt before Year 12 to make sure that I am up to it. If I get stuck into it (and it isn’t too hard) I can be done before lunch or just after. I really love the fact, as well, that I can do it at my own pace and can take time to learn something if I don’t get it instead of being pressured to rush through it.

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  3. Hey! That was a great read! I like your writing style and everything. I just wanted to say that I believe you will be successful at what ever it is that you pursue. You have the foundation.

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