My Business Plan For my Bracelet Business

My business plan for my bracelet business comes in four steps, one: getting the materials, two: start making the bracelets, and three: advertising and selling the bracelets, which is the most important.

Step 1# Finding Materials

Finding the materials used for making bracelets is not very difficult, I will buy most of the materials from online stores such as amazon.

If I do find a good deal for crystal beads and clear string at a local store in my area, then I will buy from that store.

Step 2# Making The Bracelets

Making the bracelets will not be hard, it is beading after all and I have done this many times. If I do have trouble though, I will just go on youtube and watch a few bracelets making tutorials, this most likely will not happen.

At first I will make about twenty to twenty five bracelets to see how they sell, and if they sell well I will make more, I don’t want to make too many bracelets without selling most of them.

Step 3# Advertising and Selling 

The way I will advertise my product is by posting ads on facebook, instagram, and at the local community center in my area. My ad will include where I will sell my bracelets(which is at the local farmers market), or how to get a private order(this part will include my number and email), and a picture of my product.

Like I said, I will sell most of the bracelets at a local farmers market at first, but when my bracelets get more known I will start accepting orders from people. Hopefully my business will grow enough so I can start selling online.


This is an overview of my business plan.


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