My Favorite Genres of Music

Almost everyone has some type of Genre that they like or prefer when it comes to music, this could either be Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop, etc.

 In this essay I will be describing my favorite genres of music, R&B, Classical, and EDM; and my least favorite genres of music, Rap, Rock, and Heavy Metal.


R&B or Rhythm and Blues, is a pretty popular genre, it combines pop, soul, dunk, hip hop, and electronic music. There are quite a few sub genres in R&B, the sub genre I like specifically is contemporary R&B.

The reason why I like this genre is because a lot of the songs in this genre combine electrical music and lyrical singing together. The thing I dislike about this genre though is the fact that most of the popular songs in this genre are overplayed and popularized, which makes them get easily stuck in your head; this is why I never over play a single R&B song.


Classical music is a genre of music that is rooted in Western culture, it’s quite beautiful and can be pretty relaxing. Usually classical music is played by an Orchestra, sometimes an Opera singer, sings, but usually classical music is purely instrumental.

The reason why I like this genre is because it’s just beautiful, the instruments that are playing in a Classical piece are creating this peaceful and beautiful melody. If I am stressed I listen to Classical music.

 I do not dislike anything about this genre, except maybe when a Classical piece gets me relaxed to the point I fall asleep(it’s happened), that’s when Classical music gets annoying, to me.


EDM or electrical dance music, is a musical genre that uses electrical devices instead of instruments to play the music; EDM music is usually used as the back sound of a pop song, but there are still EDM songs that do not have a singer, singing.

I used to hate EDM, but over the years I began liking it, the reason why I like it now is because I like a good beat, something that’s catchy but not too catchy. EDM music is great if you have a party, it gets everyone at the party excited, and in the party mood. 

But I do still have things I dislike about the genre, the things I dislike about EDM are, EDM songs can sound the same, I have been noticing that newer EDM songs sound exactly or very similar in sound, which is annoying since songs should not sound exactly the same.

My Least Favorite Genres of Music

Most people have a favorite musical genre(s), but they also most likely dislike a few musical genres too. Like most people I have a few musical genres that I hate, cannot stand, or ever listen to unless forced to.

My least favorite genres of music are; Rap, Rock, and Heavy Metal ,all three of which I despise with a passion and avoid listening to as much as possible.

Rap: Rap music is a type of music that does not use lyrical lyrics, instead Rap uses rhyme or rhythmic speech; when a rapper raps it sounds a little like chanting. The whole concept of Rap is not bad at all, but the lyrics usually rapped, in a rap song most likely describe bad behaviour such as drug abuse and gang life.

 Rap is better than lyrical singing to spread messages because rapping is more clear and understandable than singing. And since a lot of Rap songs have bad themes and are easy to understand they can influence teens into thinking bad behaviour is “alright,” not all Rap music uses bad themes though.

The reason why I dislike Rap music is the fact that I don’t like the sound of Rapping; I also think most Rap songs are bad and “inappropriate.” Rap music has been getting worse and worse over the years thanks to this new thing called “Mumble Rap,” which is probably the worst form of Rap music ever created.

Rock: Rock is a very broad term of music, there are many different types of Rock music. Rock music uses instruments such as drums, electric guitars, and bass guitars, but different instruments can be used. Lyrical singing is common in Rock songs, but sometimes a Rock song has no singing at all. 

Rock music has been a genre of music I have disliked for almost my entire life. I can’t stand the way Rock singers sing, the way the instruments sound, and the loud noises that Rock music can cause. I personally hate almost all types of Rock, especially Heavy Metal and Punk Rock, except maybe some songs from Elvis or the Beatles.

Heavy Metal: Heavy Metal is a form of Rock music, it uses hard and noisy guitar sounds, and intense vocals. Heavy Metal can also be incredibly loud, even to the point of busting your ear drums. 

The reason why I had to include Heavy Metal in this list of musical genres even though I have included Rock music is because my hatred for this genre should be made into a separate category itself.

There are many reasons why I dislike Heavy Metal so much, but here are a few reasons why. The vocals in Heavy Metal do not sound good, the vocals sound like screaming or screeching, the way the instruments sound in Heavy Metal are too intense, and finally, Heavy Metal sounds like full on sound pollution, to me. As you can probably tell I hate Heavy Metal a lot. This opinion may change in the future, but I doubt it.


I started listening to Classical when I was very young, thanks to my parents; I grew up with it. The other genres I began listening to when I was twelve when I began discovering what music I liked.

My favorite genre out of these three, is Classical, no matter what day I am never tired of Classical music, even the same Classical piece sounds different each time I listen to it.

 My least favorite musical genre out of my favorites, probably is EDM, just because some of the new songs don’t sound very good.

My musical taste may change when I get older, but for now these three musical genres are my favorite, and these three musical genres are my least favorite.


  1. Esther says:

    I love classical music too!! I don’t like rock music either.

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    1. Cool! Yeah Rock music, is too intense for me. XD

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      1. Esther says:


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  2. Beckwith407 says:

    Good essay. I agree with your least favorites. I also hate pop music just as much. As for favorites I like Christian music.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Cool! Some Christian songs are good, but I haven’t listened to that many. Pop music can get annoying especially when its overplayed.

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  3. Andromeda says:

    I love rock XD Especially punk and metal. I do hate screaming, and as an avid classic metal fan I have to set the record straight, while heavy metal does include some screaming, it’s mostly regular singing. Most people confuse heavy metal with death metal, black metal, and screamo, all genres I despise. I can’t stand nonsense screaming, but I tolerate it occasionally.

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    1. XD, same with my Dad and some of my friends. Yeah, death metal is terrible.

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      1. Andromeda says:

        I can’t stand it, I can’t listen to anything beyond thrash metal. It’s not even music.

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  4. Zacoons says:

    I like rock, but not the screaming part, I agree with you on that one. Classical music is my other favourite genre. Quite opposite sides of the spectrum. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! Yeah the screaming is not very pleasant.


  5. Great post!! I have a similar essay, and I agree with you completely. I dislike Rock and Rap and Hip Hop immensely but there are many different kinds. Chuck Berry is considered Rock but I love some of his songs like “Go Johnny Go” which most of you probably know. I also LOVE opera, classical and some pop songs, usually the calmer ones.

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    1. Thank you! 😊Yeah those genres are pretty diverse.


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