My Business Plan 2

In this essay I will be describing what type of business firm I will be using for my bracelet business.

The Forms of Business Firms

There are many different forms of business firms. Determining what type of business firm you should have is by the size of your business, how many employees will your business have(so far for my business will not have any employees), and finally I would look into the different business firm forms, such as, LLC, Partnership, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship and etc. These things will help you determine what business firm you should use.

The Type of Business Firm I Chose

The form of business firm I chose was Sole Proprietorship. The reasons why I chose this type of firm over the other ones is because it has single ownership(I will be the only owner of my business), direct control over the firm, unlimited liability, and generally a small size firm.

This type of firm would work well with my type of business since, one: my business will be a small business, two: I am the only employee and owner of the business, and three: this firm is  generally a small firm, which would work well for me since my business will be small.


This my essay on what business firm I will choose for my business.

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