How Important is Trust In Establishing a Long Term Business Relationship

There are many important aspects to running a good business; one of the most important aspects to business is social interactions. Being good with social interactions is a very useful skill; if you are good with social interactions most likely clients or customers will continue buying your products or services. If you are good with social interactions people come back to you and your business.

Being good with people, can make it easier for people to trust and do business with you. Showing genuine interest or concern towards a customer, creates trust between you.

Maintaining this “trust” and building it, is very important. Think like the customer; what would you do in his/her situation? Most likely you would not buy from someone unless you feel like you could trust them, and that they would give you the best price and service. If you do not feel comfortable with a person, you would probably not buy from them.

Trust is important in any form of relationship, personal, friendship, business, etc. Trust in business relationships is very important; business relationships can be difficult, especially with all the business competition. But if you remember that if you appreciate the customer or client then they will appreciate your business.

An example of someone I know who is good with customer relationships is my boss. She’s understanding and trustworthy, and lets the customers talk about what they need, she never interrupts them, just lets them talk, when the customer is finished talking she helps them find the best product for them for a reasonable price.

 Almost always the customers come back and become long term customers and friends. With long term customers, my boss, inquires how the customer’s family is, say if the customer is into a certain type of sport, she would ask them about that, and if they have children she would inquire about their children, and a parent most likely would love to talk about their children 


Trust is very important in all types of relationships. Trust in a business relationship is very important, especially if you want to sell to a customer or client.


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