Apple Pie: Is It Truly The Most American Dessert?

Apple Pie is a very well known and popular dessert in the United States. In this essay I will be writing about, Is Apple Pie Truly The Most American Dessert?

 Apple Pie, like most pies, has a flaky crust that is filled with a filling, in this case apples; sometimes people cook the apples before putting it in the crust, but most of the time the apples are put in the pie raw. Apple pie is sometimes served with ice cream or whipped cream. 

Why Do I Think This Is?

The reasons why I think Apple Pie is a very American dessert are: Apple pie is almost always served and eaten on American holidays such as Thanksgiving, and sometimes even during Christmas.

Another reason is the fact that it’s very popular in America. You can find Apple Pie, in grocery stores, bakeries, and even restaurants, so the dessert is pretty easy to come across in American.

Is This Accurate?

The answer to this question is yes and no. I think “yes” for the fact that Apple pie is very popular in America, and it is often served during holidays, and you can find the dessert almost everywhere.

 But I do think “no” also; the reason for this is because there are other American desserts that are more or just as popular and well known in the US, such as Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.

Another reason why I think “no” is the fact that even though America has popularized the dessert, it’s exact origin is not from American. Apple pie was brought to America in the 17th and 18th centuries by European colonists.

 Apple pie was first created in the late 14th century in England. Most of the desserts in America today, originated from England or other European countries, but there are still some desserts that have American origin.

What Would I Choose As The Most American Dessert?

Even though Apple Pie is a very American dessert I still would not choose it as the most American. The two desserts that I think are the most American are, Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.

Pumpkin pie probably is one of the most American desserts probably because of its origin, maybe even more so than Apple Pie. Pumpkin pie was created by the early American colonists in 1621. 

The first Pumpkin pie was made out of stewed pumpkin that was seasoned with spices, milk and honey, that was filled into a hollow pie crust(different than a pie crust today), and was baked in hot ashes. The first Pumpkin pie is pretty similar to Pumpkin pies today.

A dessert that may be even more American is Pecan pie. Pecan pie was created in the South of America, in 1898.

These two deserts are probably the most American by origin, but culturally speaking Apple pie, is probably the most American, because Apple pie has somewhat become a symbol of good fortune in America. Apple pie is more important culturally than historically.


In this essay I wrote about, Is Apple Pie Truly the Most American Dessert? I summarized the origin of the desert, how popular exactly it is in America, what desert(s) do I think is the most American, and finally what Apple pie means to America.


  1. ninjawarrior83 says:

    I like chocolate pie better

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    1. I’ve never had Chocolate pie. I like pecan and strawberry rhubarb pie better than apple.


      1. ninjawarrior83 says:

        lol ok

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