Did God Create Life? Ask a Protein

In this essay I will be summarizing an article, of the same title as this essay. This article discussed many aspects of proteins, that prove that a creator, or God created “Life.” 

One of the most important facts noted about Proteins in this article is the fact that a Protein needs to “fold” itself to function properly. The Protein folds itself into an exact shape to fit in its position, similar to a puzzle piece in a puzzle. Proteins must do this many and many times in a human body. The question is how does a Protein have the ability to fold itself?

The answer to this question is: Proteins get help by special Proteins called Chaperones; this special type of Protein aids the other Proteins by helping them fold in half and lead them to the Protein’s special place. Chaperones also have Chaperones to help fold themselves. This fact causes a problem for Scientists that believe in evolution. How could the first Chaperones fold properly without a pre existing Chaperone to help them? 

The theory of evolution states that the Earth was created by a huge explosion billions of years ago, and that life evolved through millions of years to create a very specialized system, the human body. How could nothing be created into life without a creator? It really cannot.


I believe that life was not created by accident, but instead by an all powerful and knowing creator that created life on Earth. 

Source: https://creation.com/did-god-create-life-ask-a-protein Check it out!

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