Do We Value Only What We Struggled For?

Do people value something only if they struggled for it? In this essay I will be writing about my opinions on this topic.

I personally believe that people value something more if they struggled for it, but they still somewhat value things that they did not struggle for. Say if you wanted to get a good job, and you worked super hard to get it, and you surprisingly get the job. You would value this job very highly, but that does not mean you do not value the couch in your living room or the bed you sleep on, you probably value those things too, just not as much as your job.

A personal example of this, was when I wanted to buy a gold coin from my Father. I worked very hard on making a deal with a Dad, and I ended up buying the coin. I value this coin very highly, but that does not mean that I do not value all those birthday presents I received on my birthdays, which I was given for free, I didn’t work or struggle for my birthday presents, but I still value them.

People usually do not fully disvalue something that they did not work hard or struggle for, they still value those small things that they have in their home or lives. Most objects have some value to them, but just in different amounts.

A parent probably values their children above everything else, your parents “struggle” for you to live a good and happy life. A parent values their child or children above everything else. Another example of a situation when someone values something that they struggle for above everything else is family. Usually, a family is not seen as something that was struggled for, but in reality maintaining a strong and happy family is a hard task. A family with strong family values, most likely works very hard or struggles in a way to maintain those strong values. A strong family probably values their family above anything else. This situation can sometimes happen when it comes to friendships or relationships, but it is usually seen in a family.


I believe that objects or aspects in your life are always valued in some way, but to a lesser degree than other objects, that you struggled to get, such as a house or maybe a job. But something that is always valued above everything else is family, because maintaining a strong family is hard work or a struggle to maintain.

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  1. I should of probably added more examples of something you struggle for, that you value above everything else, such as God or religion, but I reached the essays length requirement.


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