The Human Cell

A Cell is a very small and complex organism. There are an estimated, nearly forty trillion cells in the human body alone! But what is exactly a cell and what is its purpose in the human body? 

A Cell like I said above is a small and complex organism, but there are more details to a Cell. A  Cell is surrounded by a Plasma or Membrane, which covers the cell and separates it from the material outside the Cell. The center of a Cell is the Nucleus. The Nucleus determines how the Cell will function, inside the Nucleus it contains Chromosome, and inside the Chromosome is deoxyribonucleic, or DNA, and Ribonucleic acid, or RNA.

DNA is the molecule that contains all the information that is required to maintain and build a Cell. RNA is used to express the information that is stored in DNA. DNA and RNA are not responsible alone for the preservation and expression of the genetic material(s). 

Proteins are the second type of intracellular molecule. Protein substances are created by chains of smaller molecules, called Amino Acids(Amino Acids serve a variety of purposes, including catalytic and structural). 

The inside of a Cell is very busy and crowded. This is because a Cell contains many structures, liquid substances, and cytoplasm. A lot of action goes on in a Cell.


This is my report on the Human Cell.


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