A Letter To Parliament

To: British Parliament

From: Dreamer, delegate of the first Continental Congress.

In this letter we the colonists are redressing our grievances against the British Parliament. Much trouble has been caused, from these ridiculous acts of taxation, that has befallen the colonies. I shall now give a list of the grievances caused by these acts.

Grievance One: The Tea Act

The Tea Act was issued on May 10th, 1773, after the repeal of the Townshend Act(which was a tax on many items including tea, paper, lead, paper, and glass). Us colonists have been protesting this act; we have refused to accept British tea on our colonial shores.

 But yet has Parliament ignored us. Since Parliament has ignored this boycott, we will continue boycotting this act to the point that most of us colonists have stopped drinking tea altogether.

We will continue boycotting this act in particular, unless Parliament repeals these ridiculous taxation Acts.

Grievance Two: The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act(a tax on watermarked paper), was issued in 1765, and like the Tea Act we have also boycotted this act. This act is the most foolish that Parliament has issued, since it has caused trouble for both Britain and the Colonies. 

To repeal this foolish act, Parliament must end the requirement that watermarked paper has to be used in all legal documents, newspapers, and pamphlets.

If Parliament repeals these acts, the trouble with the colonists will cease. Till then the boycotting will continue.

Sincerely, Dreamer


  1. lilalai07 says:

    Hey! I’m Brit’ish!

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    1. XD, oof. Sorry about that.

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      1. lilalai07 says:

        Nah, it’s fine. The British did do some bad things in those days. Nobody’s perfect.

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      2. Okay. Yeah I think every country has done some bad things.

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      3. lilalai07 says:

        Yep. It’s not just us, 😉

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    1. Thank you! I will get at it when I can!

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