Does The Present Education System Encourage Us To Admit Our Lack of Knowledge

One of the most important parts in our childhood is our school education. In this essay I will be discussing: does the current public school education system encourage us to admit our lack of knowledge?

As humans we do not know everything. But over the years of our lives we gain knowledge and experience, and a better understanding of life.

 Most humans learn something new each day. To learn more you must have a desire to learn, but also admit the fact that you are lacking in knowledge(we all lack knowledge in some way), admitting that you lack knowledge is difficult because we have pride, and lowering are egos by admitting that we have some things to learn, is something that we do not like to do. I don’t really like it(but I still do my best at it), and probably you don’t either.

Now back to the main point: does the current public school education system encourage us to admit our lack of knowledge? I believe that the current public school education does not encourage this. This is because most public school teachers are just paid to teach a subject, not to help the child to understand the subject and gain knowledge from the subject.

Another reason is the fact that a lot of children that go to public school are really not in the mood to gain knowledge. This is because their brains are distracted by other things such as television or video games. Most children who go to school consider school as pain and drag on their lives.

The final reason is because the school system does not care to teach children, to gain knowledge, they just teach the child the subject and not ensure that the child gains lifelong knowledge from the subject. This is one of the reasons why I am homeschooled.


In conclusion, the public school system in my opinion does not encourage a very important fact about gaining knowledge(admitting our lack of knowledge). This causes a problem for these children, since they have almost no motivation to learn, because they are not taught this important fact.


  1. Great job, Kim! I completely agree with you.

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