Is It Always Essential To Tell The Truth or Are There Circumstances In Which It Is Better To Lie?

In this essay I will be answering the question: Is It Always Essential To Tell The Truth or Are There Circumstances In Which It Is Better To Lie? 

Telling the truth and being honest is important both morally and for your own good. Usually people tell each other the truth, but there are times when people lie to one another. 

Lying can damage relationships such as friendship, family, and etc, so I recommend you do not lie to your friends, family, or anyone in general, since it is wrong morally, and it can cause distrust and hatred between you and that person.

Now back to the point, yes I believe that there are some circumstances that lying is better(these examples most likely will never happen to you, they are just examples). Say if you lived during World War 2 in Germany, and you were hiding someone in your home that was getting hunted by the Nazis. And one day the Nazis have come to ask you questions and search your home. Would you be honest to the Nazis?

 If you were honest and told the truth in this situation you would be betraying the person you are hiding, and most likely if you do tell the truth it would be the death of you and the person that you are hiding.This is a an example of a very conflicting situation since, if you tell the truth, then that would be lying and betraying the other person, which is morally wrong, and if you lie you have also committed something morally wrong. This situation leaves you in a decision of which option is better. You would probably choose the latter option, at least I would.

A situation like this is one of those rare occasions when telling the truth can be a bad idea, but in almost all situations it is better to tell the truth.


In my opinion, telling the truth in all or almost all situations, unless it is a situation like above, is the best idea and chose to make. Sometimes lying can be pretty tempting, but whenever you get that temptation I recommend you think about the consequences and “is it a good idea,” think about it when you get the temptation.

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