What Was Most Difficult Technique In The Book: How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie So Far For Me To Learn How To Do Well? Why?

The book How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie, is a book about how to handle people, technically it is a self help book.There are two techniques particular in this book that are difficult for me to learn to do well. One: Let the Other Person Do All The Talking and two: Remembering Other People’s Names.

Technique One

This technique is difficult for me since I like to talk, and whenever I have a conversation with someone, and they are doing a lot of the talking I have this urge to speak. I have a difficult time being silent at a certain point of a conversation; I am not a bad listener, and I actually let the other people talk about themselves, and instead of interrupting I encourage, support them, and make them feel important, but when the conversation hits a certain point I want to talk about myself. This is probably something that most people feel, during a conversation.

Over time I have gotten better at controlling that urge, but I still get it, but after reading about this technique in the book I realized that I would be better with people if I get rid of this habit or at least control it very well, even better than I have been doing for awhile.

Technique Two

Remembering other people’s names is very important when you want to be successful when it comes to social interactions, it is not easy to remember every person’s name that you have ever spoken to.

This technique is difficult for me because I usually am too focused on the conversation, instead of focusing when the person says his/her name. This usually ends up by me asking the person what their name is again. This causes a sense of awkwardness between me and that person, which is never a good way to end a social interaction. Improving on this technique would make it much easier for me when it comes to dealing with people I do not know.


How To Win Friends and Influence People, is a very useful book and I highly recommend it to anyone, no matter how good they think they are when it comes to social interactions.

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