Do We Learn More After Finding Out We Have Made a Mistake or From Our Successful Actions

In this essay I will be answering the question Do We Learn More After Finding Out We Have Made a Mistake or From Our Successful Actions.

Everyone has made mistakes at one point in their lives, but probably most people have had successes too. Now do we learn more from our mistakes or from are successes? I believe that the answer to this question goes both ways; even though we do learn things from our mistakes we also learn something from are successes.

Here are two personal examples of me making a mistake and learning from it and having success and learning from it. When I was very young I used to think that you could outrun a dog(probably some adults can but definitely not a four year old child).

I learned from this mistake the hard way, when my grandparents dog came up to get a pat, I was scared of dogs then so I began to run, and the dog caught up with me, and in the end I got jumped on. For years after that I was very incredibly cautious with dogs, and never did anything to over excite them. I learned something from my silly mistake.

An example of a success I learned from was when I made it to provincials, I felt that I had just defeated the evil dragon of difficult provincial qualifying times. But I also was terrified, provincials to me then felt very scary, I felt that the world would be watching me.

 When I went to the actual provincial competition I realized it was the exact same as a regular swim meet, the pool was the size, there were the same swim rules, and even though there were a lot of people it still was little compared to what I thought. 

I did pretty well that day, and I had gained something when it came to confidence, I realized that no matter how big the competition was everything was the same when it came to the rules and the size of the pool. And since then I have become less nervous when it comes to competitions, which has benefited me when it comes to performance.

So I believe that it comes both ways and it depends on the situation, but usually when you make a mistake and you know what you did wrong you usually learn something, but that doesn’t mean you learn things when you have gained success.


Mistakes and successes are very important aspects when growing as a person and gaining experience. Without them it would be probably impossible to become a better person.

Don’t let mistakes put you down, be grateful for them, you have learned something and can be better, and if you have success, great! You have also learned something, that you have skill, and maybe next time you could do even better.

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