My Plan To Implement One Chapter In My Life

How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie, is a book on handling and dealing with people. The book gives pretty detailed tips on social interactions and how to get what you want from people. In this essay I will be writing about my plan on implementing one chapter of this book in my life.

My Plan

My plan is to not implement just one chapter from this book, instead I will implement as many chapters that I need to apply or apply to me. There are a few areas in my life that I implement the tips from this book for. These areas are: my relationships with my siblings and my job.

I have several younger siblings whom I am very close too, but there are times when my siblings and I do not get along(this is pretty normal, siblings fight). Some days when I am looking after my siblings they decide not to listen to me(usually this is my two youngest siblings). This is always a frustrating situation because no matter how much you remind them that they have to listen to you, they will not listen(this is where I was getting it wrong).

The strategies that I have trying to implement in my relationship with my siblings are: “ask questions instead of giving orders,” “praise every improvement,” and “using encouragement to make a fault or mistake seem easy to fix.” 

Personally I believe that this book is very helpful when managing or dealing with siblings, even though this book was written as a book on business relationships, I think it works great when it comes to dealing with siblings or other kids. But, even though these tips are great there are times when a bad mistake is made and you must tell your parents to make sure your sibling learns a lesson to not make that mistake again, sometimes discipline must be used, but usually these tips apply.

For my job this book is very useful, even though I do cleaning there are times when there is a rush of customers and my boss or whoever else is working needs help I will step up and deal with some customers, who know what they need but do not know where the item is in the store. The two tips I use from this book for this area of my life are: “smile and”being a good listener.”

These tips are helpful because, one, if I smile usually the customer feels safe dealing with me, and two, if I listen well I will have an easier time helping the customer find what they want.


How to Win Friends and Influence People, is a very useful book for almost all social interaction, and I highly recommend reading this book, since I believe that most people will find one or more tips that will apply to them or their lives, which can improve their success with social interactions.


  1. lilalai07 says:

    Great essay! I have also begun to learn the importance of asking questions, not demanding them to do something.

    I would get rid of the brackets here and make it a normal sentence: “(this is where I was getting it wrong)” it disconnects it from the rest of essay a bit.

    Otherwise all good! xD.

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    1. Okay, thanks for the tip! Thank you!


      1. lilalai07 says:

        Your welcome!

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